Donald Trump Not ‘Immune’ From January 6 Case

Donald Trump does not have “presidential immunity” from prosecution over protests held on Jan. 6, 2021, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday. This means he can now be prosecuted for allegedly attempting to overthrow the 2020 United States election.

Verdict: “Former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant,” the court ruled. Thus, any executive immunity he formerly held as president can no longer protect him from the criminal charges he is facing. If he’s found guilty, these charges could result in prison time.

Trump can either request the full D.C. Circuit Court to reconsider the panel’s ruling, or he can appeal to the Supreme Court. Either way, a decision must be made before February 12 when the January 6 case is set to resume.

Outcome: Despite these continued setbacks, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has maintained since the 2020 election that Trump will regain the presidency.

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