Report: China Executes More People Than All Other Nations Combined

The Chinese Communist Party carries out more state-sanctioned executions each year than all other nations combined, the Daily Mail reported on February 1. While the authoritarian state does not release any figures, rights groups say China executes thousands of people each year.

  • At least 8,000 people per year were executed in China from 2007 to 2022, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty said.
  • Excluding China, Amnesty International recorded 883 executions in all countries combined in 2022.

Execution methods: The report says China uses “execution vans” to kill convicts. The person to be executed is put in the back of the van and administered a lethal injection.

China also deploys firing squads, which execute prisoners out in the open, it said.

Found guilty: China’s justice system is known for favoring prosecutors, with a 99.9 percent conviction rate. Chinese Communist Party operatives are also known to torture prisoners to extract confessions, and there is no law to exclude such “confessions” from the judiciary evidence against an individual.

Once a person is deemed guilty, he is usually executed within 72 hours.

Dark era: During His ministry on Earth, Jesus Christ spoke of “the times of the Gentiles,” a dark era in which dictatorial Gentile nations such as China and Russia will dominate the world.

China’s draconian justice system and its high execution numbers show that it is exercising complete and merciless control over its people. Ultimately, China wants such control over the entire world.

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