Ukraine Has Only a Third of Russia’s Firepower

Ukraine is suffering a “critical” shortage of artillery shells as Russia deploys three times as much firepower on the front lines each day, Bloomberg reported on January 31.

Defense Minister Rustem Umerov asked his European allies this week for more aid as his troops are facing a massive disadvantage when fighting off Russian attacks. Ukraine is unable to fire more than 2,000 shells per day, which is about a third of Russia’s average, he said.

Martin Herem, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, warned last week that Russia will produce “many times more” artillery shells this year than estimated by the West, with a large supply coming from North Korea.

Foreign aid running dry: The European Union said on Wednesday that it will supply Ukraine with only half of the 1 million shells it had promised by March. Meanwhile, $61 billion in aid from the United States has been held up by the U.S. Senate.

The Trumpet says: Recent developments show that Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces has fallen short. The nation is set to endure a difficult winter.

Whether Russia wins the entire war or not, Bible prophecy warns that Putin will go on to fight much larger wars in the future.

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