Will Russia Build a Nuclear Submarine Base in Libya?

Italy is concerned that Russia plans to station nuclear submarines at the Libyan port Tobruk, establishing a Russian naval base, reported the Times on Tuesday.

The move is an extension of Putin’s ambition for warmwater ports. It would also increase Russian dominance in the Mediterranean and compromise the security of southern Europe.

Already in the region: Russia currently holds two bases in Syria at Tartus and Latakia. Vincenzo Camporini, former head of the Italian armed forces and analyst at the iai think tank, said, “The Syrian bases are under observation from the British military base at Akrotiri in Cyprus, but if they can sail out of Tobruk they can avoid that attention.”

If the plans go through, the Tobruk naval base would put Russia only a hop away from Italy and the rest of Europe.

Implications: Russia troubles Europe. The Trumpet has warned for years that Russian aggression will hasten European unification.