Former Israeli Prime Minister Calls for an American-European Force in Gaza

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called for an American-European force in Gaza, in an interview with Der Spiegel published on Tuesday.

I think that Israel has to declare now, today, that at the end of the military campaign, it will pull out of Gaza. We need the Europeans and the Americans to send a military intervention force to Gaza for the interim period.
—Ehud Olmert

He also noted that the “moral support of Germany is of great significance at a time when the moral foundations of Israel are challenged, questioned and criticized.”

Proposed before: This is not the first time the proposal has been put forth. In November, the U.S. and its European Union allies pushed for a plan to deploy an international peacekeeping force in Gaza after the war.

This has only compounded pressure on Israel to end the invasion. The plans cannot proceed until Israel either reaches its objectives or withdraws from the region.

Where is this leading? While the plan is in a preliminary stage, it points to a current German-Israeli relationship and an impending German double cross.

“Many Israelis fail to understand Germany,” warns Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry. “Do you think they really love Israel? Are they helping the Jews simply to atone for their past? That is not their real objective! That is only the cover they are using to aggressively pursue their goal!”

A European peacekeeping force is specifically prophesied in your Bible—and it will betray Israel.

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