Russia Uses New Missile Strategy Against Ukraine

Russia struck civilian targets in three cities in Ukraine using a new saturation tactic on January 23. It fired 41 cruise and ballistic missiles from five different Russian provinces at the same time to evade Ukraine’s air defenses.

The strikes killed seven civilians and injured more than 60, including children. Kharkiv, Ukraine, was hit the hardest; five people were killed.

Ukraine shot down only 21 of the 41 missiles, far below its average of 80 percent of missiles intercepted in 2023, proving Russia’s new strategy is effective.

Low on ammo: One of the goals of such strikes is to deplete Ukraine’s air defense ammunition.

The Ukrainian Air Force warned earlier this month that its air defense is in danger due to a lack of United States Patriot missiles, the main weapon Ukraine uses to intercept Russian missiles.

Putin persists: This new strategy underscores Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fierce determination to conquer Ukraine. Whether Russia wins the war or not, Bible prophecy shows Putin will fight much larger wars in the future.

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