German Far-Right Group to Start New Political Party

German right-wing conservative group Werteunion (Values Union) said on January 20 that it will found a new political party.

The group appointed Hans-Georg Maassen to lead what it called a “conservative-liberal” party. Maassen was the former domestic intelligence director in Germany who was fired for protecting neo-Nazi rioters in 2018.

The group, which is approaching 6,000 members, hopes to initiate the party as early as February, in time for the state elections in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg in September.

Divided Germany: Maassen has long been a member of the Christian Democratic Union (cdu), which has voted to expel him for his radical views. Maassen said his new party would counter the cdu’s slip into a “Left-Green position.”

The Werteunion will be the second new party founded in Germany in 2024, after former Left politician Sahra Wagenknecht started a new “left-wing conservative” party this month.

The Trumpet says: The new party will be yet another fragmentation of the already unstable spectrum of parties in Germany. The increasing instability and division in Germany and the rest of Europe is leading to a new, strong leader to save the Continent from political ruin.

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