Iran Claims Attacks Near U.S. Consulate in Iraq

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (irgc) claimed responsibility for missile attacks on what it claimed were Israeli “spy headquarters” near the United States Consulate in Iraq, state media said on January 16.

In response to the recent atrocities of the Zionist regime, causing the killing of commanders of the Guards and the Axis of Resistance … one of the main Mossad espionage headquarters in Iraq’s Kurdistan region was destroyed with ballistic missiles.
—Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

The missile explosions near Erbil in the Kurdish region of Iraq killed four and injured six, the Kurdistan Regional Security Council said. Iraqi Kurdish Governor Omed Khoshnaw labeled the strikes “a terrorist attack.”

Iran also claimed responsibility for a strike in Syria against the Islamic State, saying it was targeting “anti-Iranian terrorist gatherings.”

Revenge: Last month, Iran vowed revenge for the killing of three irgc members in an Israeli air strike in Syria. “We assure our nation that the Guards’ offensive operations will continue until avenging the last drops of martyrs’ blood,” the irgc statement said.

King of terrorism: Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has maintained for many years that Iran is the “head of the terrorist snake” and that its power is prophesied to grow stronger. The Iran-backed Hamas attacks on Oct. 7, 2023, and the events that have followed further reinforce this statement.

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