Iran Takes Tanker in the Gulf of Oman

Iran ordered armed men wearing “military-style black uniforms with black masks” to seize a tanker near the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, signaling to the world that terrorists are willing to attack outside of the Red Sea.

Continued attacks on the Strait of Hormuz put about 20 percent of the world’s oil and liquefied natural gas supplies at risk. The estimated ramifications to the global economy could be double those of the Ukraine War.

St. Nikolas: The tanker, called the St. Nikolas, is Greek-owned. But Iran state media referred to it as American because the United States seized the ship (then called the Suez Rajan) in April when enforcing sanctions against Iran. The vessel carried:

  • 145,000 metric tons of crude oil
  • 18 Filipino crew members
  • One Greek crew member

The U.S. has called for the immediate release of the tanker and its crew.

Newfound boldness: Tehran’s willingness to seize this vessel in the volatile Middle East shows a trend Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has warned about for decades.

Thousands of years ago, Bible prophecy said Iran would “push” against Western powers. In 2001, Mr. Flurry said this pushiness “will likely involve a cutting off of [Western] oil supply.”

In these latest moves, that pushiness seems most directly aimed against the U.S., but prophecy shows that Europe will ultimately be its biggest target. This conflict will escalate into the largest war the Middle East has ever seen.

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