China Begins Rebuilding Nuclear Testing Site

China has quietly started rebuilding its Lop Nur nuclear weapons testing facility as it accelerates its push toward an expanded and modernized nuclear arsenal. The New York Times’ Wednesday report included new satellite images to support its claim.

Lop Nur was the location of China’s first nuclear test in 1964. Current satellite images appear to show

  • Added and improved buildings to the site’s support base
  • A possible “high-security facility with underground bunkers and rings of security fences”
  • Horizontal tunnels
  • New roads
  • Several drill rigs

Analysts say the activity at Lop Nur signals a wide modernization of China’s nuclear establishment, warning that it could speed arms buildups and spark a new age of atomic rivalry.
New York Times

In a December 22 video, Trumpet senior editor Joel Hilliker said that although China’s arsenal of nuclear weapons is still far smaller than America’s 5,200, by at least one metric China’s weapons could pose a greater immediate threat.

China is estimated to possess 400 to 500 nuclear warheads. The U.S. Defense Department believes that it has more of these warheads mounted on its intercontinental ballistic missiles than the United States has.

Siegried S. Hecker, a former director of the Los Alamos weapons laboratory in New Mexico, said, “The Russians and Americans have continued activity at their test sites, but nothing like this.”

Rising tensions: Discord between the United States, Russia and China is constantly rising. Nuclear projects like this latest one in China show how nuclear war is becoming more and more likely.

Will world leaders be able to put their differences aside and cooperate peacefully? The Holy Bible contains prophecies for our time that explain what will happen in the future. It even reveals whether or not this world will suffer a nuclear World War iii.

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