Xi Jinping Visits Vietnam to Pull Nation Deeper Into China’s Orbit

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh welcomed Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Hanoi airport on Tuesday. A crowd waving the red and yellow flags of both nations greeted Xi. This marked the beginning of Xi’s two-day visit, his first to Vietnam in six years. The visit’s goal? To pull Vietnam deeper into China’s orbit.

Before the visit, Xi took a thinly veiled jab at America’s recent efforts to partner more closely with Vietnam, saying: “Asia’s future is in the hands of no one but Asians.” He also called for deeper China-Vietnam cooperation on building infrastructure.

‘Shared future’? Le Hong Hiep, a specialist in Vietnamese strategic and political issues at Singapore’s iseas–Yusof Ishak Institute, said, “Vietnam’s mistrust of China runs deep, and from the Vietnamese people’s viewpoint, there is little to no ‘shared destiny’ between the two countries, as long as China continues to claim most of the South China Sea.”

Despite China’s brazen claims to Vietnamese territory in the South China Sea, the two leaders agreed to improve ties and to build a community with a “shared future.” They also signed cooperation agreements for joint patrols in the Tonkin Gulf of the South China Sea and a hotline for fisheries incidents.

Vietnam’s allegiance: Bible prophecy indicates China’s attempts to pull Vietnam deeper into its orbit will likely succeed. The Bible prophesies that China will be a lead nation over a massive military alliance that will unify multiple Asian nations. America’s declining power and China’s increased pressure in the region show how this prophecy is coming to pass.

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