Israeli Military Discovers ‘One of the Largest Hamas Weapons Depots Yet’

The Israel Defense Forces (idf) released footage on Wednesday exposing “one of the largest Hamas weapons depots yet.” According to the report, the stockpile contained:

  • Dozens of antitank missiles
  • Dozens of explosive devices
  • Dozens of grenades
  • Dozens of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Hundreds of rocket-propelled grenade missiles and launchers of various types
  • Long-range missiles

Human shields: The idf reportedly found the depot “near a clinic and school in the northern Gaza Strip.” It reported, “All of the terrorist infrastructure was found close to civilian buildings in the heart of a civilian population.”

The discovery further illustrates Hamas’s use of “human shields”—hiding its operations and weapons hubs in areas full of civilians.

Two-state solution: Regardless, Western politicians and media outlets continue to preach the need for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Today’s Israel-Hamas war is a direct result of Israel’s attempts to appease the Palestinians.

Wednesday’s footage shows that radical Islam will use any “two-state solution” to push for its genocidal goal—a single Islamist state. Palestine’s endgame does not include peace with Israel—rather, its annihilation.

The Bible prophesies about the modern Palestinian-Israeli peace process, describing it as a wound. It foretells that further negotiation attempts with Iran-backed terrorist organizations will only be to Israel’s detriment. In fact, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process will spark a series of events that will steer the world toward a nuclear World War III!

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