Funding the Invasion of America

Migrants walk in a caravan toward the border with the United States in Tapachula, Chiapas State, Mexico, on October 31.
ISAAC GUZMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Funding the Invasion of America

The Biden administration is doing such a bad job balancing America’s budget, educating America’s children, and securing America’s borders that reasonable people are starting to suspect deliberate malfeasance.

America is nearing bankruptcy. It now takes the federal government less than 100 days to add $1 trillion to its national debt. That means the government’s outstanding debt is on track to surpass $50 trillion within a decade.

This is an enormous national security threat!

RealClearInvestigations reported on November 28 that the federal government has earmarked $190 billion for so-called “zombie schools” that cannot stay open without government aid. These schools have lost so many students that many of their classrooms sit empty. And empty classrooms are not the only thing the government is wasting money funding. On the same day that RealClearInvestigations published its report, Sen. Tommy Tuberville warned the American people that illegal immigration is costing taxpayers close to $500 billion a year.

“The Biden administration is continuing to roll out the welcome mat at the southern border for illegal immigrants,” Tuberville said in a phone call with gathered members of the Alabama press corps. “October was another record month for illegal border crossings. Thirteen people were caught on the terrorist watch list. A report earlier this week estimated that the open border is costing American taxpayers as much as $450 billion every year.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Democrats condemned Donald Trump’s proposed $20 billion border wall as “immoral, ineffective and expensive.” Then these same people turned around and started spending 25 times $20 billion for health care, education and law enforcement for the record number of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Indiscriminately throwing around billions like this is leading to disaster!

The Joebama administration is doing such a bad job balancing America’s budget, educating America’s children, and securing America’s borders that reasonable people are starting to suspect that this isn’t incompetence—this is treason. Government officials may be trying to get Americans to accept an authoritarian government by dumbing down the next generation and importing millions of illegal immigrants used to living under authoritarian rule in their home countries.

In January, a video circulated on of a comedian talking about the pressing need to open the U.S. border so that Americans will stop having such a high standard of living. He may have been joking, but many liberal elites are not. In fact, Joe Biden’s real boss, Barack Obama, is foremost among those who want Americans to consume less.

Remember how Obama lectured Americans about energy usage? “We can’t drive our suvs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes at 72 degrees all the time whether we are living in the desert or living in the tundra and just expect that every other country will say, ‘OK, you guys, go ahead and keep on using 25 percent of the world’s energy even though you only account for 3 percent of the world’s population,” he said in 2008.

Forget about how much of the world’s energy the United States produces in the first place (it is second only to China): Obama wants Americans to consume less, and it is not because he cares about the environment. He cares about control and using that control to dismantle America. Obama thinks that right now the average American still has too much control over his own life. This needs to be “transformed.” Enticing millions of people from Latin America (and many other countries via Latin America) to live in the U.S. illegally, driving up energy prices, raising inflation, and otherwise reducing the resources and independence of the average American citizen is the way to accomplish this.

You are seeing demographic dismantling and mass wealth redistribution on a historic scale. Yet from Obama’s viewpoint, this demographic dismantling and wealth redistribution is a major victory. Printing trillions of dollars to fund massive government deficits lowers America’s standard of living by devaluing the dollar. And bringing in millions of illegal immigrants raises these immigrant’s standard of living. The whole process is about using authoritarian government to reduce the huge wealth disparity between America and its southern neighbors.

Some liberals think that reducing this disparity is magnanimous. But in the long-run, allowing Latin American immigrants to transform the United States into the type of country they are running away from will not raise anybody’s standard of living. The Joebama administration’s end goal is to tear down the United States.

“God prophesied of our power and prosperity,” my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, writes in his book America Under Attack. “He also warned, throughout the Bible, that He would remove His blessing and protection if we rebelled. These nations enjoyed the fulfillment of the first part of those prophecies. They then rebelled against God. Now we are experiencing the bitter affliction of the latter part. And at the same time that God has removed His protection, Satan and his demons are at their fiercest wrath! They hate God and everything He represents. Throughout history, they have concentrated their vilest attacks on God’s chosen people. In this end time they are especially wrathful toward the most powerful of the modern Israelite nations: the United States of America.”

America’s rising debt, its zombie schools, and its open border are all part of this attempt to tear down the United States. The social engineers behind this attempt want to transform America into a socialist nation ruled over by an American Caesar. Yet despite this would-be Caesar’s best attempts to transform America, Bible prophecy shows that he will only end up weakening America to the point where it can be conquered by foreign invaders!