Germany’s Secret Plan to End the Ukraine War

Germany has a secret plan to end the war in Ukraine—and the United States is going along with it. That’s according to a report in Germany’s Bild newspaper over the weekend.

Both are refusing to supply Ukraine with the long-range weapons it needs to effectively fight Russia. The German plan would have them gradually reduce weapons sales to Ukraine to try to pressure Ukraine to sue for peace. Ukraine would be given enough weapons to hold the line, but no more.

An anonymous source told Bild that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “should realize that things cannot go on like this without any external request.”

The report is plausible. The Biden administration likely wants the war over as it heads into an election year. And Germany’s support for Ukraine has been more appearance than reality.

U.S. President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met privately in March with few details released.

But if a German plan to end the war in Ukraine is really being embraced by the U.S., that is dangerous. From the start, we’ve been saying that Germany has probably already done a deal with Russia, and they’ve already agreed that Russia gets Ukraine. It’s why Germany blocked the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s expansion into Ukraine 15 years ago. It’s why the European Union has done little beyond lip service toward expanding into Ukraine. It’s why Germany has consistently blocked and delayed weapons deliveries to Ukraine. They cannot openly side with Russia without splitting the EU—so they’ve maintained a pretense while giving little real help.

If Germany is pushing a peace deal, it will be helping Russia.

Our report “Germany’s Secret Deal With Russia—Exposed” goes through all the ways Germany has been helping Russia. More importantly, it exposes its full agenda.

The Bible contains an end-time warning for Britain and America. It warns us about nations it calls our “lovers”—nations we trust and make secret deals with. Meanwhile, they don’t love us back. They’re conspiring with our enemies to bring us down.

This is what is building now in Germany. If the U.S. is really working on a German plan to end the war in Ukraine, in the long run it will backfire horribly. It will pave the way for Germany to publicly break its alliance with the U.S. and work with Russia to bring down America and its global dominance.

You can read more about that in “Germany’s Secret Deal With Russia—Exposed.”