Hamas Leader: ‘October 7 Was Just a Rehearsal’

“October 7 was just a rehearsal,” Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said on Thursday.

Though this was Sinwar’s first public statement since Hamas’s invasion, he has been deeply involved in decision making throughout the war and ceasefire. “Twice during the ceasefire the parties got into a crisis when Yahya Sinwar tried to violate the agreements, the first time last Saturday night,” an Egyptian source said.

Sinwar’s attempts to break the ceasefire deal ended only when Egyptian intelligence officers traveled to the Rafah Crossing (into Gaza) and threatened him. Hostages were released quickly after that.

New boldness: Sinwar’s inflammatory threat is only the latest evidence revealing how brazen radical Islam is becoming. This defiant attitude is prophesied in your Bible, which foretells that radical Islam—led by Iran—will push at a European alliance. Since the October 7 invasion, such “pushiness” has come more and more into the light. We are getting closer to this prophesied push.

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