Wife of Ukraine’s Spy Chief Poisoned

Marianna Budanova, wife of Ukrainian spy chief Kyrylo Budanov, is in the hospital after being poisoned with heavy metals, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military agency said on November 28.

Kyrylo Budanov has been involved in secret operations against Russian forces since the invasion in February 2022. Several other members of his staff also have mild symptoms of poisoning, the agency said. The heavy metals found suggest an intentional poisoning, likely arranged by the Russian government.

These substances are not used in any way in everyday life and military affairs. Their presence may indicate a purposeful attempt to poison a specific person.
—Ukrainian intelligence

Putin’s poison: The poisoning of the wife of Ukraine’s spy chief fits into a pattern: Russian President Vladimir Putin has a reputation of attempting to eliminate his political enemies by poisoning them. The list of outspoken Putin critics who have been killed or mysteriously died from poison is long.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has identified Putin as the “prince of Rosh” of Ezekiel 38. This authoritarian, Stalin-like ruler is willing to violently eliminate anyone who opposes him.

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