The Trumpet Daily Interview: Lara Logan

The Trumpet Daily Interview: Lara Logan

Some are brave enough to tell the truth about the January 6 ‘fed-surrection.’

If the October-through-November 2020 presidential election was not “the most secure election in United States history,” and if the Capitol Hill riot of Jan. 6, 2021, was instigated by federal agents, then what kind of America are you living in? It’s a fundamentally different nation from what you grew up in. You are living in an America controlled by an illegitimate regime that has used police state tactics to prosecute at least 1,100 Americans and jail at least 379 for opposing an illegitimate regime.

After Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) visited in August and Kari Lake visited in September, Lara Logan visited our headquarters campus last week and spoke with me on the air for two Trumpet Daily interviews: “Lara Logan Talks ‘Fed-surrection,’ Obama and Israel” and “Lara Logan Interview, Part 2: ‘Canceled.’” She is a veteran foreign correspondent who has covered conflicts from Kenya to Tanzania to Northern Ireland to Kosovo to Afghanistan to Iraq. Her hard work and risk-taking journalism have been seen on abc, cbs, cnn, Fox News, nbc, Newsmax, Reuters and Sky News. She did not grow up in America, but she can clearly see it as a conflict zone, and she has the courage to cover the truth.

We talked about her background in journalism, her fight for the truth, the 2020 election steal, and her views about the war with Israel. But some of the most interesting information she shared was about the January 6 Capitol Hill “fed-surrection.”

The news media keep telling us that the Capitol Hill riot was a violent coup by supporters of Donald Trump who were attempting to prevent congressional certification of Joe Biden as president and therefore overthrow the American democracy. Despite this incredible claim, the executive branch of the federal government has withheld documents and video footage from the people and from their representatives in Congress. As Logan reiterated, these documents and video reels belong to the duly-elected representatives of the American people. Yet alarmingly, the Department of Homeland Security refuses to let the House of Representatives view this evidence.

What more proof do you need that there is a “deep state” dedicated to covering up what really happened on Jan. 6, 2021? Logan only has a small fraction of the total evidence that federal agents exploited the Capitol Hill riot to stop members of Congress from looking into allegations of widespread election fraud. In her three most recent episodes of her program, The Rest of the Story, Logan focuses on how January 6 was not an insurrection but a fed-surrection. She will resume this line of questioning in future episodes, but she was kind enough to give the Trumpet Daily a sneak peek into the shocking information she is continually uncovering.

“We have a situation where one side has information dominance, and unfortunately Republicans were as much a part of the false narrative on January 6 as Democrats,” she told me. “As a reporter, I am always drawn to stories where we don’t know the truth. So once I started to look into January 6, I felt guilty for quite some time because I knew there was a great miscarriage of justice that was unfolding. You only have to look up the definition of insurrection to know that the whole thing was a lie. It doesn’t mean people didn’t get hurt. There was violence, but who was carrying out that violence?”

That is quite the statement! Logan is a truth seeker. She might not get every detail right every time, but she is dedicated to uncovering what the Department of Homeland Security wants covered. It is undeniable that Trump’s only chance of retaining office was to have Congress examine the objective evidence behind election theft. The Capitol Hill riot shut down this investigation, so the only people who benefited from it were radical leftists who did not want election theft uncovered. The deep state had nothing to lose and everything to gain by instigating violence on Capitol Hill, so you would think more journalists would be curious as to why the Department of Homeland Security won’t let Congress see documents or video footage implicating federal agents like Ray Epps of deliberately stirring up a fed-surrection.

“Ray Epps was questioned by the January 6 committee about telling people to go into the Capitol,” Logan continued. “He was questioned by the [Federal Bureau of Investigation] about that. But somehow, nobody questioned him about what he said later in the evening, when he whispered, ‘We’re here to storm the Capitol.’ What is significant about that, if you understand information warfare, was that Ray Epps was using the language of the narrative. That was the narrative the next day and the day after that. Today it’s the narrative that people ‘stormed the Capitol,’ yet he was using that language before it happened.”

Now Epps has been outed as an fbi plant. Why do you suppose the Department of Homeland Security wanted to cover up the fact that an fbi plant was talking about storming the Capitol the night before a group of protesters trespassed on Capitol grounds? Could it be that the fbi organized the attempt to “storm the Capitol” so congressional investigators would be forced to evacuate before they could finish their investigation of election fraud? Truth seekers want to know!

An end-time prophecy in Daniel 8:12 talks about casting truth to the ground, and we certainly see this happening in the government’s response to the Capitol Hill riot. Some very powerful people in the Obama administration orchestrated a fed-surrection and are now doing everything in their power to cover up their crime. It will take courageous truth seekers to uncover this crime—yet another prophecy in Amos 7:8 indicates it will be uncovered.

Watch both Trumpet Daily Lara Logan interviews—and stay tuned!