UK Net Migration Hits Record High

Net migration to the United Kingdom hit a record high of 745,000 last year, according to revised estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ons) released on November 23.

  • The UK’s net migration, which considers both immigration and emigration, was initially estimated to be 606,000 in June 2022, setting a new record for a single calendar year.
  • By December 2022, net migration was 139,000 higher, totaling 745,000.
  • The most recent net migration estimate for the year ending June 2023 was 672,000.

Most of the migrants are non-European nationals looking to fill shortages in the UK’s health and social sectors, ons said.

This is a staggering rise from a net migration rate of 212,000 a decade ago. If this rate continues, by the year 2046 the UK’s population will increase from approximately 67 million people today to about 85 million. The pressure on housing, schools and health services will be unsustainable. In addition, with so many coming from countries that don’t share cultural values or historic links with the West, the country’s character will be transformed in ways for which the public has never voted.
—Melanie Phillips, British journalist

Migrant crisis: Like Europe and the United States, the UK is struggling with a migrant crisis. What is the reason for this mass influx of foreigners into Western nations? Is it a good idea to welcome them in?

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