CCP Supporters Attacked Anti-Communist Protesters During Biden-Xi Summit

At least 40 anti-Communist protesters were physically assaulted during last week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in San Francisco, California, attended by Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Epoch Times reported on November 20. Multiple eyewitnesses, some with video evidence, affirmed the violent pro-Chinese Communist Party (ccp) attacks.

Yijiang Liu, a member of the Democracy Party of China (dpc), said several fights broke out when ccp supporters tried to “violently [take] the banner” that said the ccp was responsible for the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

One passerby who tried to help the anti-Communist protesters defend their banner was beaten over the head with a glass bottle. Several other protesters were also beaten, including 74-year-old Mr. Zhou, who had to be treated in the emergency room.

Prepared to protest: Chen Chuangchuang, executive director of the dpc in New York, was pepper-sprayed by the pro-ccp demonstrators. “They came with pepper spray; that meant they were prepared,” he said.

Zhen Cunzhu, a member of the dpc in Los Angeles, said the attackers were young, tattooed men dressed in black. “They are obviously gangsters. I believe the Chinese Consulate is behind those thugs,” he said. Zhen added that he was astonished that the ccp would enact such violence in the United States.

Times of the Gentiles: During His ministry on Earth, Jesus Christ prophesied of an era in which Gentile nations such as China would dominate, called the “times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24). The ccp’s influence and aggression, extending even into the U.S., is one way we can see this prophecy being fulfilled.

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