Chinese Warplanes Harass Canadian Helicopter Over South China Sea

Chinese warplanes buzzed a Canadian helicopter and fired flares at it over the South China Sea, Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair said on November 3. The incident marks China’s latest act of aggression as it seeks to complete its conquest of the South China Sea.

Blair said a Chinese plane intentionally flew directly over the Canadian Cyclone helicopter last Sunday with the aim of causing it significant turbulence. Later that day, another plane fired flares directly in front of the helicopter, forcing it to maneuver to avoid collision. “These maneuvers put the safety of all personnel involved in unnecessary risk,” Blair said.

The risk to a helicopter in that instance is the flares moving into the rotor blades or the engines, so this was categorized as both unsafe and nonstandard, unprofessional.
—Maj. Rob Millen, air officer aboard hmcs Ottawa

Disputed waters: The helicopter was in the South China Sea as part of joint efforts by the United States and allies to uphold the status of the area as an international passage. China has a track record of intercepting and interfering with these “freedom navigations” as it seeks to exercise full control over the waters.

A trend to watch: Watch for China to grow more domineering over the South China Sea. Prophecies in Isaiah 23 and Deuteronomy 28:52 show China will play an important role in a “mart of nations” that controls important sea gates around the world. China’s unlawful claims of sovereignty over the international waters and its belligerent push against the peace are one area where we can see this prophecy moving toward fulfillment.

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