Vietnam Prepares to Build Dry Port in Primorye, Russia

Vietnam is ready to build a dry port in Russia’s eastern region of Primorye to optimize logistics and boost trade with Russia, Vietnam’s consul general Nguyen Dang Hien said on November 1.

A dry port is an inland terminal connected to a seaport by road or railway allowing shipborne cargo to be easily transshipped. The Primorye dry port is expected to enable both Vietnam and Russia to transport goods more cheaply and efficiently.

The problem at the moment is that Primorye needs to strengthen internal logistics capacity to reduce costs, and if this happens, the region will become a transshipment point in trade between the two countries.
—Nguyen Dang Hien

Increased trade: In May 2022, Russian company Fesco Group started sending ships back and forth between ports in Vietnam and the group’s Vladivostok Sea Trade Port. This significantly boosted Russia-Vietnam trade.

In December 2022, Russian company pjsc Transcontainer launched a railway from Hanoi to Moscow that stretches over 10,000 kilometers. It is intended to simplify transporting goods between Vietnam and Russia and other countries.

Vietnam-Russia ties: Even though the United States and Vietnam have worked to strengthen ties in recent years, Vietnam is leaning more toward Russia. This was especially evident during Joe Biden’s visit to Vietnam this September, when Vietnam made a secret deal to buy an arsenal of weapons from Russia in blatant violation of U.S. sanctions.

Kings of the East: Revelation 16:12 prophesies of a multinational Asian alliance called “the kings of the east.” Ezekiel 38 shows that Russia will be at the head of this alliance. Verse 6 specifies that “Gomer,” an ancient name referring to Southeast Asian countries, likely including Vietnam, will be part of this alliance.

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