Germany’s New Radical-Left Party

Germany has a brand-new radical-left political party.

Europe’s migrant crisis has caused real problems for Germans, and mainstream parties refuse to address them. The Alternative für Deutschland has given people an alternative to the mainstream consensus—with a little neo-Nazism sprinkled in.

Now there’s a Communist alternative. Sahra Wagenknecht was the former coleader of the Communist Left Party. She’s also the wife of Oskar Lafontaine, who used to be a top leader in the ruling Social Democratic Party.

Now she’s moving to fill a hole in German politics. Her new party will:

  • Oppose migration
  • Oppose radical environmentalism
  • Oppose sending money and weapons to Ukraine
  • Oppose Israel
  • Support communism

She’s not going to gain a majority with that platform, but she should gain a significant minority. If she gets just 10 percent, then the current coalition would no longer be possible.

With the Alternative für Deutschland holding about 20 percent of the vote, Germany is heading for gridlock. If both these extreme parties are excluded, it’s hard to see any viable coalition.

What does it say about the unhappiness in modern Germany if people are willing to turn to ideologies like Nazism and communism?

This new party is both a symptom of democracy’s decline in Germany and something that will hasten its decline. Germany is heading into dangerous territory.

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