‘Two-State Solution’: The Cure Is the Wound

Houses in a kibbutz attacked by Hamas in Kfar Aza, Israel
Amir Levy/Getty Images

‘Two-State Solution’: The Cure Is the Wound

Biden preserves the stratagem of the ‘two-state solution’ even as the second would-be state has beheaded babies.

In all the rhetoric, veiled threats and discussion of the “two-state solution” swirling in the aftermath of the Hamas massacre, do not forget what happened on October 7. Heavily armed men with detailed plans attacked unarmed, unsuspecting civilians. They shot people in their cars. They shot concertgoers fleeing on foot, in the back. They tossed grenades onto families. They bound, tortured, raped, broke the bones of and murdered women. They mutilated the elderly. They shot and burned children. They cut off fingers, feet, toes, breasts; they gouged out eyes. They torched people alive. They cut off the heads of adults and of babies, at least one of whom was slashed out of its mother’s womb. They used their victims’ phones to post their murders online.

“I killed 10 Jews with my own hands. I’m using the dead woman’s phone to call you now.”

“May Allah protect you.”

That was a phone call between one of the Hamas murderers—and his mother.

Beast-like men like this one murdered 1,400 people, one at a time—taking their time. They committed hundreds of genocidal hate crimes against Jewish Israelis and murdered citizens of France, Thailand, the United States, Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom, Nepal, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Romania, Portugal, China, the Philippines, Italy, Belarus, Peru, Austria, South Africa, Chile, Turkey, Spain, Colombia, Cambodia, Australia, Honduras, Switzerland and Ireland. They paraded dead bodies and captives, including victims of recent rapes, through Gaza, where they still hold hostage an estimated 240 men, women and children and are doing who knows what to them. Men who did this are walking around in Gaza right now, heroes. Meanwhile, retaliatory air strikes are limited and international aid is flowing into Hamas-controlled Gaza.

The victims, the Israelis, are paralyzed and weakened, and the sadistic, murderous evil is growing bolder and stronger. But no matter what—no matter what—“the two-state solution” must be preserved. Why?

Hamas should be nothing but a contemptible memory at this point. But it thrives. People in Gaza and around the world celebrated the Hamas murders while the pools of blood were literally still fresh. They were not opposing Israeli counterstrikes, because there hadn’t been any. They were not celebrating the Palestinian people in general or even Hamas in general. They were celebrating Hamas’s greatest-ever mass murder of Jews. Revelers gleefully showed news cameras pictures of the murder scenes.

Hamas has support from Gaza, from pro-Palestinians and liberals around the world, and from Joe Biden.

Gaza does not produce enough water, electricity or fuel for itself, especially under Hamas leaders who constantly divert resources such as money and even water pipes (dug up to manufacture lethal rockets) to terrorism. After the massacre, Israel declined to provide such utilities, drastically reducing the options for Palestinians and Hamas, and making handovers of Hamas or at least hostages more of a possibility. To hold out, to keep Hamas part of the “two-state solution,” the terrorists needed help, and they needed it fast. They got it. Biden announced on October 18 that the United States government would send $100 million into Gaza and the West Bank—exactly what Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists need, exactly when they need it.

Without it, the “two-state solution” could have died.

When cnn anchor Poppy Harlow asked Biden’s principal deputy national security advisor how the U.S. government plans on preventing Hamas from using humanitarian aid for terror, he replied, “Getting assistance into Gaza is a complicated undertaking. It involves, essentially, securing an understanding among Hamas fighters who control the checkpoints on the other side of the border, among the government of Israel, and among the government of Egypt. And the agreement the president secured will enable these trucks to flow as soon as the roadway can be repaired.”

You read that right! This regime isn’t even hiding it. Preventing tens of millions of dollars from being used on new rockets, bombs, guns and intelligence of where to rape, kill and kidnap Israelis involves, essentially “Hamas fighters who control the checkpoints” pinky-promising to give it to suffering Gazans instead.

There is no way Biden’s foreign-policy team is that naive. So why are they doing it?

Like with other cash infusions Joe Biden and Barack Obama have given and tried to give to the Iranian regime and other terrorist groups, there is little to stop this from drastically strengthening the Islamists, and when pressed on it, the Islamists and the Americans admit this. And remember, this comes after Biden (and Obama) reversed a policy from the Donald Trump presidency—and possibly broke the Taylor Force Act—by resuming hundreds of millions in aid to Palestinians, even while they use much of that cash to pay the families of terrorists ($3 million this month).

There is something seriously wrong here.

Biden’s State Department and other foreign offices have supported Israel in certain ways, but they have also called, publicly and behind the scenes, for the Israelis to “restrain” their retaliation to something “proportional.” They don’t mean that Israelis should wound, abduct, torture, maim, rape, gouge, eviscerate, immolate, decapitate and broadcast the murders of 1,400 Gazan men, women, children and babies and be done with it. The mere thought of Israelis committing such acts is bizarre and revolting! The world expects from Israel a far higher standard of restraint, discipline, humanity and sending text messages to your targets in Gaza ahead of time. The world expects far less of Hamas. (This has been referred to as “the racism of low expectations”: treating such murderous Islamists as if they are incapable of other behavior.)

Biden and Obama have bigger goals on their mind. They are committed to changing the equation in the territory of the Levant from the current “one-state solution” of sovereign Israel to the “two-state solution” of Israel and an Islamic Palestinian state. Once you ignore enough rapes, tortures and murders, and once you force Israel to give up enough land in both its southwest (Gaza) and its northeast (the West Bank) for yet another Islamic state, the massacres of Jews and other Israelis will stop, and the use of Palestinian Islamists by the outside world to weaken Israel will stop. Right?

If Biden and Obama send 100 million taxpayer dollars to fanatic mass-murdering criminals while people are still in the process of braving heartbreak and the stench of death trying to identify the bodies of their recent victims, what more could be given if those criminals were awarded a sovereign state?

Support for the Islamists and for the next stage of their conquest, the two-state solution, is not a blind ongoing mistake being made in good faith by well-intentioned men. It is intentional. And the violence it unleashes is not unforeseen. Biden, Obama and everyone else cramming the two-state solution down everyone’s throats surely were fearful that the world would react powerfully against Hamas’s massacre and reject the idea of giving it a sovereign state. But the waving Palestinian flags from Dearborn to London to Sydney while dead bodies still lay in Israeli cribs gave them heart that the two-state solution was not dead.

During a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week in his visit to Tel Aviv, Biden even referred to Hamas as “the other team.” That is a horrifying way to characterize a terrorist cell that bombs hospitals, beheads babies, and debases girls into sex slaves. But the turn of phrase reveals how Biden sees Hamas. He does not see it as an evil enemy that must be destroyed, but rather as an opposing team that can still be negotiated with in order to establish a Palestinian state.

Don’t forget Barack Obama’s Cairo speech! In his first major Middle East foreign-policy speech in 2009, Obama emphasized at one point that Palestinians “endure the daily humiliations—large and small—that come with occupation. So let there be no doubt: The situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. And America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.”

Hamas gives its people no dignity or opportunity and throws its Palestinian political rivals off of rooftops. Meanwhile, the Hamas charter has always explicitly stated that the entire organization, an extension of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, exists to “obliterate” Israel. Obama conducts American foreign policy—formerly as president, now as the shadow president behind Joe Biden—as if he thinks Hamas won’t follow through. Or is it because he thinks they will?

Why is Barack Hussein Obama motivated for Islamists to have a new “state of their own” in the Middle East? Is it to bring peace to the region?

“Obama-Biden et al, want a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians,” wrote Mark Bradman. “I believe all efforts are underway to exploit the October 7 terrorist attack to advance that agenda. Netanyahu is being carefully painted into a position where the survival of Israel will be contingent upon accepting this two-state solution, which essentially means—in the long picture—the elimination of the Israeli state.”

That is the real reason Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, is sending $100 million to the Palestinians. He needs to prop up “the other team” long enough for Netanyahu to agree to the two-state solution. Many support this plan because they have a loathing for Jews that erupts rather than subsides when they see images of Jewish families murdered in their dining rooms. Many support it because they naively believe Palestinians just want to improve their socioeconomic positions. The entire 45-year “peace process” is built largely on this idea that the Muslims involved are ultimately motivated by a desire for peace more than a desire for radical Islam. That may have been true at the very outset, due to the unique good faith exhibited by the leader of the Israelis, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and, intriguingly, Herbert W. Armstrong. But it quickly became apparent that the “peace process” trusted for solving the killing in Israel actually perpetuates it.

The United Nations characterized the goal clearly at the outset: “withdrawal of Israeli forces” and “termination of all claims or states of belligerency.” This is the now-infamous “land for peace” policy—more properly the “actual land for broken promises of peace” policy—that has grown into the “two-state solution.”

The two-state solution, especially as administered by Barack Obama, will destroy Israel. Hamas does not want peace. This is unmistakable. Hamas wants land, weapons and money for the purpose of acquiring more land, weapons and money, for the purpose of exterminating Jews. Accepting Hamas’s control in Gaza, even after it stained humanity with its October 7 atrocities, by sending it $100 million will kill Israelis.

“Obama decided to ‘choose the Islamic Republic as a partner’ and to use ‘tactics typically employed by Third World police states’ because he wants to blot out both the Jewish state and America,” my father writes in his crucial book America Under Attack. “Like the ancient Seleucid King Antiochus, he is empowered by the devil to destroy the people of Israel through flattery and deceits that lead to violence. Any man who tries to blot out the name of Israel is a type of Antiochus.”

This is what most foreign-policy analysts do not understand. They believe Obama wants a two-state solution because he sincerely wants Jews and Palestinians to live side-by-side in peace. But that is just what Obama tells the public. Both his actions and Bible prophecy show that he is using flattery and deceit to destroy the people of Israel—both in the Jewish nation and in the United States and other nations.

His two-state solution leads to a one-state solution for the Islamists—and for the Jews, the final solution.

A prophecy in 2 Kings 14:26-27 foretells of a man who tries to blot out the name of Israel from under heaven, but God stops him through an end-time type of King Jeroboam ii. So keep watching as Israel becomes increasingly besieged, physically and politically. God will raise up a man to save America, Britain and Israel—temporarily. Why? To give the people of these nations a final chance to turn to their one and only hope: the one true God, the God of Israel.

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