Gaza Tunnels Indicate Iranian Support

Hamas has enough supplies stockpiled to enable three to four months without resupply, thwarting Israel’s blockade against the Gaza Strip. A senior Lebanese official told the New York Times on October 27 that terrorists hoard these supplies in their vast network of tunnels beneath Gaza.

Tunnel network: After Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Hamas doubled the number of its tunnels.

  • The tunnels are huge, innovative and modern.
  • Analysts estimate that each costs some $3 million to dig.
  • The tunnels enable a significant increase of terrorist attacks against Israel.
  • They are difficult for the Israel Defense Forces to find.
  • Israel destroyed more than 62 miles of the tunnels in 2021, but likely many more miles have been added, in addition to those Hamas has repaired.

Israeli Army officer Achiya Klein says the Hamas tunnels are advanced, outfitted with electricity and intercom services. “It’s not like your children would do with their shovel,” he said. “It was professional.”

Enter Iran: Hamas could not fund this intricate tunnel network on its own. Hamas leaders have made no effort to conceal their main source of funding and support.

First and foremost, it is Iran that is giving us money and weapons.
—Ali Braka, senior Hamas official

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told Al Jazeera last year that Iran gave Hamas $70 million to support the group’s terror campaigns. This further proves that Iran is the mastermind behind the October 7 invasion and massacre.

World War iii: The Bible prophesies Iran will lead radical Islam in the end time and play a major part in World War iii. The current terror war is another step toward the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

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