China Damages Pipeline in the Baltic Sea

Finnish authorities said on October 24 that the anchor from a Chinese ship likely caused the rupture of an undersea gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. The pipeline, which links nato members Finland and Estonia, was mysteriously damaged last month. Both countries said at the time that it was likely the result of sabotage.

Evidence: Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation said it had found a large anchor near the site of the damage. The anchor had been dragged along the seabed and showed traces of the Balticconnector pipeline.

Investigators believe the damage was caused by Newnew Polar Bear, a Chinese container ship that was in the area at the time of the incident. This ship later appeared to be missing its left anchor, adding to suspicions that it caused the damage.

Last week, Sweden said a separate underwater cable that connects it with Estonia was also damaged. Whether these incidents were intentional is uncertain.

‘Times of the Gentiles’: In Luke 21:24, Jesus Christ prophesied that the people of our modern age would enter an era called “the times of the Gentiles,” when non-Israelite nations would dominate more and more of the world at the expense of others. China’s increasing belligerence in areas around the globe is one way we can see this prophecy being fulfilled.

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