After Gaza, Europe Fears a Terrorist Attack

EU leaders wonder which city is next.

After Hamas invaded Israel and murdered over 1,000 Jewish civilians, radical Muslims around the world have been emboldened.

The attack has led to an outpouring of global anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews. It’s not just Jews alarmed by the crowds of often young Muslim men gathering in cities around the world, chanting their hatred for Israel.

The fear of a terrorist attack is high all across Europe.

France has both a large population of Jews and Muslims, and they’re particularly worried. A Muslim terrorist stabbed a teacher to death in the city of Arras, France, on October 14. Two Swedish soccer fans were shot dead in Brussels, Belgium, on October 17.

But you really see France’s fear in its false alarms. Six airports were evacuated on October 18 after someone e-mailed in an attack threat. The Palace of Versailles has been evacuated three times in five days.

Brussels is on its highest terror alert. So is France as a whole. The country has deployed an extra 7,000 soldiers. One survey showed that 84 percent of Frenchmen are worried about terrorist attacks; 61 percent fear schools could be the next target.

Last time, I talked about the way Germany is quickly becoming Israel’s new best friend. This is another dimension to that shift: Europe, including Germany, is becoming much more urgent about the problem of radical Islam.

I know Muslims who are not celebrating this, but the way many Muslim communities have responded to this attack has exposed how radical huge numbers of Muslims in Europe are. If they can celebrate the murder of Jewish babies, what other innocent targets might they be happy to hit?

The Bible prophesies a shift for Europe to take the lead in confronting radical Islam. Daniel 11 contains a lengthy prophecy, much of which has already proved true. At the end of the chapter, it talks about “the time of the end.” It forecasts a clash between “the king of the north” and “the king of the south”—a European power led by Germany versus radical Islam led by Iran.

That clash is building right now. You can read more about it in our free booklet The King of the South.