France Prepares to Break EU Human Rights Laws

France will no longer wait for permission from the European Court of Human Rights to deport potentially dangerous immigrants, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on October 19. This may break European Union human rights laws, but Darmanin said France is prepared to pay the price.

Stricter laws: After the October 13 terrorist attack in Arras, France, fear of terrorism, particularly from illegal immigrants, rose sharply.

Darmanin announced that France would deport dangerous criminals without waiting for their appeal to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights. If the court subsequently rules that the deportation was illegal, France will pay the fine but won’t allow the immigrant to return.

Darmanin also proposed a bill allowing the government to detain migrants with a criminal record, or who are on a terrorist watch list, for up to 18 months without a charge. Currently, many such migrants are released before the paperwork for their deportation is finished.

The Trumpet saw it coming: Bible prophecy warns that crises like Europe’s migrant problem are going to cause strong authoritarian leaders to rise across the Continent. The Trumpet has been following Europe’s migrant crisis closely, and in September we wrote:

Liberal elites have confronted the fed-up citizens of Europe with two options: Accept indefinite mass migration—watch their welfare states collapse, their country’s culture change, their cities become dangerous, and their friends be attacked; or they can break the law. … As the crisis gets worse, they’ll take the second option.

Darmanin’s willingness to violate EU law proves this statement true.

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