Right-wing Party Dominates Swiss Election

Electoral workers empty a ballot box for counting during the Swiss federal elections to elect a new parliament on October 22.

Right-wing Party Dominates Swiss Election

The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (svp) outperformed the Greens in Switzerland’s national election on Sunday. The polls revealed that Swiss voters are more concerned about mass immigration and security than climate change.

The election results shifted Switzerland’s parliament further right. svp won 28.6 percent of the vote, gaining nearly 3.5 percentage points, while the Green party dropped 4 percentage points to 9.2 percent. svp gained nine seats, while the Green party lost five and the Liberal Greens lost six.

Changing concerns: This is a dramatic contrast to Switzerland’s 2019 election, when climate change was the major campaign issue and the Green party made what some called “historic gains” in winning 13.2 percent of the vote. Why the turnaround?

  • According to Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Migration, the country’s asylum requests rose by 43 percent in the first half of 2023.
  • Health insurance premiums are expected to rise by 8.7 percent next year.
  • And the cost of living in Switzerland is, on average, 54.1 percent higher than the United States.

svp also campaigned against what it called “gender terror” and “woke madness.”

Four years ago, people were a bit more idealistic and progressive, which explained why the Greens did well, but now people are more concerned about security and are more conservative again.
—Michael Hermann, political analyst

Europe shifting right: Switzerland’s election follows a trend occurring across Europe. The Continent is in crisis mode, and the people want strong leadership.

  • Germany’s far-right Alternative für Deutschland won a district council election earlier this year.
  • Austria’s far-right Freedom party is leading the polls.
  • Finland’s far-right Finns Party is in a four-party coalition governing the nation.
  • Italy has its most right-wing government since World War ii.

Bible prophecy warns that 10 strongmen will rise and band together to form a European superpower. The obvious political shift happening in Europe is leading to the fulfillment of this prophecy.

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