Is Germany Israel’s New Best Friend?

America under Joe Biden hasn’t been a great friend to Israel. It resumed funding of the Palestinian Authority. It gave Iran $6 billion. After Hamas’s attack on Israel, the State Department quickly put out a statement saying, “We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

This is a completely false equivalence—implying that the baby-murdering Hamas terrorists and Israel’s trying to defend itself are somehow equally to blame.

Note the dramatic contrast from Germany.

Berlin lit up the Brandenburg Gate with the Israeli flag. It flew that flag at the president’s official residence, the Reichstag Building and at the Chancellery. It suspended all aid to the Palestinian territories, subject to a review. “At the moment there is only one place for Germany, the place, side by side with Israel,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Even German media has been less biased than U.S. media. The Washington Post talked about “both sides reeling” from the attack. The New York Times talks about Hamas “militants” instead of “terrorists.” Meanwhile Spiegel writes about “a targeted massacre” and Die Zeit writes about Hamas’s “awful ransom.”

In recent decades, America has been Israel’s number one ally. But what happens going forward? Things would get better for Israel under a Republican administration, certainly. But the Democrats work with Israel’s enemies.

The left is in power in both the U.S. and Germany. Of the two, Germany looks like the one that has a government Israel can rely on.

Specific Bible prophecies tell us that Israel will increasingly turn to Germany, biblical Assyria, for protection. Watch for that to happen after this betrayal from America’s left.

But should Israel make the shift? A warning comes from another arch lit up with Israel’s flag: the Arch of Titus in Rome. It’s an odd image. The arch was erected to celebrate Rome’s a.d. 70 destruction of Jerusalem, showing the artifacts from the temple being carried off by Roman soldiers.

The Roman Empire brutally destroyed Jerusalem in a.d. 70. It was attacking Israel long before Islam existed.

The Bible has a lot to say about this Roman Empire. The book of Daniel describes four world-ruling empires. The last, the Roman Empire, was “dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly.” This Roman Empire would be resurrected 10 times—that same spirit revives each time.

That empire is rising now, one last time, within Europe. As has happened many times before, Germany will be at its head. The book of Revelation tells us that seven of these resurrections will be led by a church—taking the form of the so-called Holy Roman Empire.

That is the spirit rising in Europe. It may look like a close friend of Israel, but the Bible says it will betray the Jews.

This is a dangerous time for Israel. But thankfully this is the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. After it is finally defeated, we will witness a time of peace and harmony for Israel in the Middle East and for all mankind.