Iran Is Behind the Attack on Israel

Thousands of Iranian people stage a demonstration and carry Palestinian flag in support of Hamas and Palestinian resistance in Tehran, Iran on October 07, 2023.
Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Iran Is Behind the Attack on Israel

Analysts are waking up to a sobering reality the Trumpet has warned about for decades.

Why is Joe Biden deliberately ignoring the fact that Iran helped massacre Israeli citizens? He strongly denounced Hamas’s sadistic surprise attack on innocent civilians during his 10-minute speech from the State Dining Room on October 10, but he failed to mention the Islamic Republic of Iran even once. The silence, in that sense, was deafening.

The United States Department of State rightly recognizes Iran as the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism and acknowledges that Iran sends Hamas millions of dollars each year. Yet both Biden and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan don’t want you to know that Iran’s bloody fingerprints are all over the massacre of Israelis.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he has “not yet seen evidence” of Iranian involvement in the war against Israel, yet Wall Street Journal reporters have no trouble finding Hamas figures who admit Iran has helped them for months. Just how hard is Blinken looking for the truth?

Here is the key: Barack Obama has been using Blinken, Sullivan and Biden to supply money and power to the Iranian radicals. That is why they refuse to admit that Iran helped Hamas shoot, stab, rape and slaughter Israeli men, women, children and babies.

Despite Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and other Obama proxies attempting to cover up Iranian war crimes and crimes against humanity, politicians and analysts are waking up to a sobering reality the Trumpet has warned about for decades. Iran is the “head of the terrorist snake.” America and Israel have spent time, resources and precious lives fighting small terrorist groups around the world, but treasure and blood have been spilled in vain because both nations refuse to strike the head. This exposes tremendous weakness!

My father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, writes in The King of the South:

America has known for decades now who “the world’s most significant state sponsor of terrorism” is. But it lacks the will to hold Iran accountable for its terrorist acts of war. And the U.S. “superpower” allows Iran to continue sponsoring violent terrorism to this day.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America, the U.S. targeted Afghanistan, then Iraq. Both of these campaigns absorbed an enormous amount of America’s resources in its “war on terror.” But where did all this world terrorism begin? Iraq and Afghanistan may be dangerous parts of the equation, but they are not the head of the terrorist snake.

It is not enough to destroy the branches of terrorism. To deal with the problem, America should have pulled the terrorist tree up by its roots. That would be Iran! Yet rather than confronting Iran, America actually asked Iran for help in its “war on terrorism.”

That is astute analysis! America should have “pulled the terrorist tree up by its roots.” Instead—especially during the Obama era—it has been watering it with billions of dollars. Biden’s revamped Iran nuclear deal included tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief for Iran, even before he announced on September 11 this year that he would pay $6 billion in taxpayer dollars as a ransom for five hostages. These funds made it easier for Iran to support Hamas. The Biden administration may publicly deny this, but the fact that the rest of the U.S. government and the government of Qatar just reached an agreement to prevent Iran from accessing this $6 billion shows they acknowledge what everyone else can see: Billions of dollars from America will help Iran kill and terrorize more people.

Both Democrats and Republicans know Iran is supporting Hamas. Yet neither party does much to stop the attacks on Israel because Democrats hate the State of Israel and Republicans are weak-willed. During his eight years in office as Joe Biden’s official boss, Obama embraced anti-Semites, steeped himself in anti-American ideas, and empowered Iran. As we noted with Caroline Glick on the Trumpet Daily on October 11, that was Obama’s intention from the beginning!

From his infamous Cairo speech onward, Obama began “fundamentally transforming” American foreign policy!

The murders that occurred inside Israeli living rooms were ultimately the result of these actions.

This shocking point was made powerfully in journalist David Samuels’s recent article “The Obama Factor.” He boldly stated:

Obama’s hostility to American exceptionalism also seemed linked to his hostility to Israel, or more specifically to America’s identification with Israel, which finally resulted in his determination during his second term to reach his agreement with Iran—an agreement with the main objective of integrating that country into America’s security architecture in the Middle East, while limiting Israel’s power in the region.

In other words: Obama’s support of Iran isn’t rooted in a naive assumption that Iran will pursue peace in return for sanctions relief. It is rooted in a shared hatred for Israel.

A sobering prophecy in 2 Kings 14:26-27 foretells of an attempt to blot out the name of Israel from under heaven. My father has asserted for the past seven years that Obama is leading this attempt. It makes perfect sense that Obama would be surreptitiously supporting Iran in a bid to destroy the Jewish state.

President George W. Bush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq on either side of Iran because he and the country lacked the willpower to confront the real problem. Obama ignores and facilitates Hamas and Iran blotting out Israeli lives for a different reason: He secretly approves.

My father has also pointed out that 2 Kings 14 includes a type of King Jeroboam ii; the modern fulfillment of that strong leader is Donald Trump. He has consistently said Trump will return to power and grant the Jewish nation some desperately needed support. But Bible prophecy also says Israel will be forced to look elsewhere for support and a European superpower, “the king of the north,” will be the one to chop off the head of the snake, “the king of the south” (see Daniel 11:40-43).

More Americans are waking up to the fact that Iran is behind the attack on Israel. More are seeing that something is dreadfully wrong when U.S. taxpayer dollars are ultimately funding paragliders, drones, vehicles, rockets, combat knives, assault rifles and bullets for killing Jews.

Except for a very short reprieve when Trump regains his rightful presidency, Israel will continue losing faith in America and will turn to Europe.

The bloodshed that will be unleashed from house to house and city to city across the Middle East and around the world is a tragic way for the Israelis, the rest of the modern nations of Israel and the whole world to learn the lesson that they—and you—should be learning right now. The only way to solve these problems is repentance and faith. Not faith in the surveillance and counterterrorism systems of Israel, but faith in the God of Israel.

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