South Korea Caves to China

South Korean authorities charged marine technology firm SI Innotec with violating trade laws for working on Taiwan’s new military submarine program last year, according to an October 16 Reuters report. Reuters cited a police document showing that South Korea’s decision to file these charges was done out of fear of China.

Closer to China: South Korea has been a treaty ally to the United States since the close of the Korean War in 1953. But the nation’s turn against Taiwan—another U.S. ally—shows that South Korea is moving toward China.

If South Korea, which has the world’s 11th-largest military, were a staunch ally of the U.S., it would help Taiwan against China in any way it could. But this attack on a company assisting Taiwan’s military development shows that South Korea’s allegiance is wavering. This turn of events lines up with Bible prophecy.

Asian bloc: The Bible prophesies that Asian nations will form a massive alliance in the near future. Because of these prophecies, the Trumpet maintains that South Korea will continue to turn toward its Asiatic neighbors.

Our free booklet Russia and China in Prophecy states:

Watch for the East Asian alliances to develop economically and militarily. Watch for coming agreements between Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and others to harness the maverick North Korea and muscle the U.S. out of Oriental diplomacy in Korea and Taiwan. Watch for a third great power bloc to emerge in the East to balance the power of the expanding European Union and the volatile Islamic tide.

The new order of global powers is emerging precisely as depicted in Bible prophecy.