Iran’s Terror War on Israel

October 10: Israeli soldiers prepare to remove the bodies of their compatriots killed during an attack by Palestinian militants south of Israel bordering the Gaza Strip.
JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

Iran’s Terror War on Israel

The worst attack on Israel in decades is at the blood-soaked hands of Hamas murderers and rapists, but they couldn’t do it without the mullahs in Iran.

The nation of Israel is at war! Just as Israelis were wrapping up the eight-day festival of Sukkot on Saturday, Hamas terrorists began firing rockets at the Jewish state. This Iran-backed attack has killed at least 1,200 Israelis, and the death toll is still rising. The Israeli government formally declared war against Hamas on Sunday.

After an initial phase in which the Western media reported the horrifying facts, the spin is now in motion. The media is portraying Israel as partially responsible for its grandmothers being murdered on social media, its young women being kidnapped and raped, and its everyday citizens being mowed down by gunmen who flee at the sight of a soldier and smile demonically at the sight of a Jewish family walking down the street.

The video footage is out there: Islamic men raping women, stomping on bodies, firing on crowds, and kidnapping children. But as Israel strikes back in limited ways, often with advance warnings, the media is portraying the residents of Gaza—many of whom are complicit or used as human shields—as the victims of Israeli aggression.

Something is evil about these attacks, and something is evil—and intentional—about vilifying the victims, the Jewish people.

James Stavridis, a former high-ranking leader within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, called the Hamas attack a “9/11-level event” and said what many other authorities have acknowledged: It was also a major intelligence failure. Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, apparently failed to see the attack coming. Yet senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah allege that officers of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been working with them since August to devise the worst invasion of Israel’s borders since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Make no mistake: This attack is a proxy war between Iran and Israel.

The evidence of Iran’s involvement is overwhelming. But the Biden administration refuses to admit the truth that Iran helped plan the current terror war because it wants to integrate Iran as a partner of the United States. Biden’s government announced—on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, if you can believe it—that it would release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds as part of a controversial prisoner swap deal.

America is funding Iran, and Iran is funding Hamas.

No wonder journalists in American and Western media are becoming creative writers to downplay Iran’s role and blame Israel.

It defies logic. But it worships will. The horrific images and videos you are seeing are the facts. The Iranian regime’s decades-long support of terror are the facts. But journalists who are supposed to report the truth are telling you to believe a narrative instead.

Biden also gave Palestinians $235 million in humanitarian aid after overturning a Trump-era policy. The Hamas militants storming Israel are flush with not only Iranian cash but American cash.

For nearly three decades, my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, has warned that Iran is the head of the terrorist snake. Yet most Western leaders refuse to see this reality. So Israel can declare war on Hamas, but Hamas is not masterminding the assault.

This attack on Israel, funded and supported by Iran, is the result of nearly 15 years of Obama-led, far-left appeasement and support of the Iranian regime. Despite their denials, both Joe Biden and Barack Obama know that Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. Yet they gave $6 billion to Iran and $235 million to the Palestinians anyway. You cannot explain away such naivety, so you have to consider the dreadful notion that perhaps it isn’t naivety after all.

“The Iranians may not know that the Americans are literal descendants of ancient Israel, but they do label America the ‘Great Satan’ and the Jewish state the ‘Little Satan,’” my father wrote in his 2020 article “The Barack Obama Mystery.” He continued:

They really want to blot these nations out! And through his Iran nuclear deal, Barack Obama was helping them accomplish this goal! He was implying, You take care of the Jews and we’ll take care of America. We’ll “blot out the name of Israel from under heaven” by transforming America into a socialist state our founders wouldn’t recognize. He wants to destroy everything good in America and to fundamentally change the nation into a Marxist dictatorship.

This weekend’s attack proves this assessment correct. Obama is not trying to foster peace in the Middle East. Rather, he is supporting Iran and the Palestinians because he shares their goal of pushing Israelis into the sea.

A sobering prophecy in 2 Kings 14:26-27 foretells of a man who tries to blot out the name of Israel from under heaven, but God stops him through an end-time type of King Jeroboam ii. My father has taught for the past seven years that these two men are Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Expect Obama to continue surreptitiously undermining Israel, and expect Donald Trump to return and stop him.

The news coverage of Israel’s war against Hamas will likely focus on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, but the actual stakes of the war are far higher. The real battle is between a man trying to destroy America, Britain and Israel, and a man trying to save these unique nations!