Europe Supports Israel

Volker Beck, president of the German-Israeli Society, called on October 10 for Germany to send military aid to Israel.

Instead of just hoisting Israeli flags or putting blue and white foil on airplanes, one should ask if and what kind of help is concretely needed and wanted by Israel. … The international community must make it clear that it is not prepared to accept Iran’s conflict policy. And Germany must make it clear that we are on the side of Israel and its friends without any ifs or buts. And not only on paper.
—Volker Beck

Meanwhile, European Union leaders announced they would cut all aid to Palestine, though they later backtracked, saying the aid would be under review.

These reactions to Hamas’s invasion show that Europe supports Israel in this war. European citizens are among Hamas’s victims, which has strengthened this support.

As reported by Al Jazeera on October 9, at least 48 foreign nationals are dead, 16 have been taken hostage, and 58 are missing; many of them are Europeans.

Solidarity on display: The EU has shown solidarity by displaying the Israeli flag or colors on government buildings and national landmarks, including:

  • The Brandenburg Gate, Chancellery, president’s official residence and Reichstag in Berlin, Germany
  • The European Commission and EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium
  • The government building in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Chigi Palace in Rome, Italy
  • The National Assembly in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • The Chancellery and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna, Austria

Europe—with Germany at its helm—seems to be among Israel’s closest allies.

Unfolding prophecies: The Bible prophesies of strengthening German-Israeli relations and growing tensions between Europe and Iran—the world’s leading supporter of terrorism, including Hamas.

Iran and its allies will push at a German-led Europe until it snaps, launching a massive attack on Iran. These events will mark the start of World War iii.

Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism, European casualties in this conflict and Europe’s hardening stance toward radical Islam are steps toward the fulfillment of these prophecies.

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