Alleged Chinese Tourists Photograph U.S. Military Sites

The Wall Street Journal reported on September 3 that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Defense have tracked over 100 instances of Chinese nationals surveying American military bases in recent years. When confronted by security guards, these nationalists begin speaking in coded language, claiming to be tourists.

Some of the individuals may simply be tourists who’ve lost their way. But at bases in remote areas where there are no tourist destinations nearby, the behavior is suspicious.

The advantage the Chinese have is they are willing to throw people at collection in large numbers. If a few of them get caught, it will be very difficult for the U.S. government to prove anything beyond trespassing, and those who don’t get caught are likely to collect something useful.
—Emily Harding, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington

In multiple instances, Chinese nationals were found taking pictures at an U.S. Army range—sometimes with drones. Some have been found taking pictures of an intelligence center in Key West, Florida, while swimming nearby. Others photographed the grounds at the White House, focusing on communications gear and security guard positioning.

Future consequences: This development is indicative of not only American weakness but also China’s determination to overtake the U.S. This trend is one the Trumpet has been following closely because of its place in Bible prophecy. The late Herbert W. Armstrong used the Bible to show that as America declines, “Gentile” nations such as China would race to fill the void.

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