Russian Drones Target World’s Food Supply

Russian drones struck Ukrainian ports in the city of Reni on September 3, just miles from nato member Romania.

War on food security: Moscow’s war on global food security began in July when Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a deal permitting Ukrainian ships to sail through the Black Sea in spite of the war. The agreement allowed both Ukraine and Russia (two of the world’s biggest grain exporters) to freely sell their goods.

Now Ukraine can export wheat only through the Danube River to Romania. Since Russia withdrew from the Black Sea deal, wheat prices are up more than 10 percent.

The World Food Program said in May 2022 that if the Russo-Ukrainian War continued, acute food insecurity could rise for 47 million people (a 17 percent increase). A shortage of this magnitude could have global implications.

Prophecy says: The Bible prophesies famines will worsen. Our booklet The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse states:

[I]nstead of only affecting war-torn regions or the Third World, [this famine] will affect the First World nations …. [T]his calamity will reduce the wealthy nations to the same level as the poorest. … This great famine will eventually spread to every corner of the Earth ….

The Ukraine war is a reminder that war leads to famine. Bigger wars and bigger famines are on the horizon if man does not change course.