Barack Obama’s Vindictive Spirit

Former US President Barack Obama
PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

Barack Obama’s Vindictive Spirit

America is controlled by a vengeful narcissist.

No United States president had ever been charged with a felony until this year. And this year, President Donald Trump has been charged with 91 felonies ranging from falsification of business records to retention of national defense information to sedition. Avid consumers of cnn programming legitimately believe Trump committed these crimes, but millions of others believe this is vindictive persecution.

Who is leading this? Is it just a number of “deep state” bureaucrats with no real leader at all?

“[W]hat America may now be witnessing is an unparalleled display of malicious revenge,” Jeannie DeAngelis wrote in a hard-hitting article for American Thinker on August 27. “One might ask, ‘Who is driving this retribution?’ The most obvious answer to that question is that it must be a self-absorbed force with a notorious reputation for spiteful exoneration. Judging from past conduct, that force would be none other than former President Barack Obama” (“Barack Obama, the Vindictive Enforcer”).

Others have come to the same conclusion by noting connections such as Special Counsel Jack Smith’s close connections to both Barack and Michelle Obama. Yet DeAngelis didn’t come to her conclusions primarily from these connections or from others being made as certain political figures pay visits not to Joe Biden at the White House, but a couple of miles away, to Obama at his shadow White House.

DeAngelis takes her insight from studying Obama’s own attitude.

“This man thrives on adulation. Even the casual observer is aware of Obama’s inability to accept criticism. Refuse to genuflect, and Mr. Obama’s ire is immediately directed like a laser toward the defiant. Just ask ‘tea baggers’ or victims of a weaponized [Internal Revenue Service]. Judging from Obama’s self-identification with his ideology, retribution isn’t just politics; it’s personal. Defy him, and the former president looks for any forum, weapon, policy implementation, or cruel injustice to vindicate his vendetta and somehow manages to accomplish this either publicly or privately. The man’s skin is so thin that, if not for his godlike status among his minions, his juvenile reactions would be considered embarrassing” (ibid).

It is an open secret in Washington, D.C., that Obama surrounds himself with people who he and others consider nowhere close to his equal. It is an open secret that he vindictively punishes even political allies who cross him. How much more do you think he will go after Donald J. Trump, his archnemesis?

It is no coincidence that Trump was impeached twice and is now the first president to be charged with a felony. He won his four-year term after criticizing Obama and defeating the candidate Obama endorsed. He moved into the White House as its most vindictive occupant in history moved out. Now, after a highly irregular 2020 election, Obama has managed to install his corrupt, aging and obviously vulnerable vice president into the Oval Office as pretender to the throne. And it’s time for payback.

Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Jack Smith and a legion of deep state agents are going after Trump. But understand what DeAngelis and others are beginning to realize and say out loud: These people absolutely have a leader, that leader is absolutely vengeful, and he leads not from the front but from the shadows.

Barack Obama knows Donald Trump remains a threat. He talked about him with Joe Biden when the two had lunch at the White House in June. Obama has gone so far now as to falsely charge Trump of insurrection and sedition so he can use the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to bar him from office. This legal case is so shoddy it would be comical if it were not so serious. But leftist judges are going along with the farce because they practically worship Barack Hussein Obama.

Such an article as DeAngelis’s or “The Obama Factor” would never have been published while Obama was in office, but people are waking up to the reality of what is going on.

In the preface of his landmark book, America Under Attack, my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, writes that because “the media swooned over President Obama, he was never held accountable. He was able to amass enormous power to do virtually whatever he willed to do. The media were simply unwilling to challenge him.”

Barack Obama is exerting his will over American politics right now!

My father emphasizes that such swooning among journalists, whose job it is to challenge political leaders, is not normal. Rather it is one of the many signs that Obama is empowered by a spiritual force. Like Obama, Satan is a narcissist who rules via fear and exacts revenge. The Bible says he has been cast down and confined to Earth (Revelation 12:9). He now works through particular leaders, especially Barack Obama.

Like Obama, Satan’s goal is to destroy America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, including its constitutional form of government. Like Obama, Satan hates to be exposed. The wrath and retaliation by this destructive force can be seen by how Obama has fundamentally transformed America over the past decade and a half. And it’s not over yet.

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