China’s New Patriotic Education Law Reveals Xi’s Preparations for War

A draft of the People’s Republic of China Patriotic Education Law was introduced in China’s top legislative body earlier this month. The proposed law is intended to shape Chinese youth into militaristic nationalists.

The law contains 37 clauses outlining how patriotic education will be implemented across schools, religious communities, businesses and families. It deals with what Chinese Communist Party leaders view as the biggest vulnerabilities for future control of China: the youth, cyberspace and Chinese communities beyond the mainland.

Brainwashing youth: Article 14 emphasizes integration of patriotic education to “the entire course of school education.” Article 15 includes organizing visits to national patriotic education bases, of which more than 500 have been built since its mandate in the 1994 campaign.

“More and more patriotism courses intended for brainwashing have become compulsory” in recent years, a Chinese dissident affiliated with London-based China Deviants, told DW.

Hung Chin-fu, a professor at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan who specializes in Chinese politics and society, said the legislation’s purpose is to make young Chinese “love Xi Jinping’s ideology.”

‘Compatriots’: Article 22 specifies that the new law will expand to include “compatriots” in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas Chinese, with the goal of “consciously preserving national and ethnic unity.” Although the implementation is unclear, it reveals Xi’s ambition to expand his power beyond the mainland.

Loyalty to CCP: Young Chinese have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the government due to the economic downturn and the worsening youth unemployment crisis. With the new law, Xi is trying to reinstall loyalty to the ccp and ensure a more patriotic China. Ultimately, Xi is putting this dictatorial education law into place to better prepare China for war.

Gentile rule: Bible prophecy shows that mankind’s efforts to govern itself will become more and more brutal, eventually leading to a time of the greatest suffering in human history. In Luke 21:24, Jesus Christ identified this era as “the times of the Gentiles,” when Gentile nations such as China and Russia will play a dominant role. Xi’s efforts to control youths’ education in China is a harbinger of the grievous rule Gentile leaders will impose in this era.

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