U.S. Announces Historic $345 Million Military Aid Package for Taiwan

The United States government announced on July 28 a major military aid package worth $345 million to help Taiwan counter threats of a Chinese invasion. The Associated Press reported on July 29:

[T]he package would include defense, education and training for the Taiwanese. Washington will send man-portable air defense systems, or manpads, intelligence and surveillance capabilities, firearms and missiles, according to two U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters. …

The difference is that this aid is part of a presidential authority approved by Congress last year to draw weapons from current U.S. military stockpiles—so Taiwan will not have to wait for military production and sales. This gets weapons delivered faster than providing funding for new weapons.

Will it be enough? China’s military is rapidly growing. Some fear that it could become more powerful than the U.S. military. Will more military aid packages deter aggressive conquests by this Asian superpower? The Bible prophesies that America is spending its strength in vain (Leviticus 26:20).

In the next few years, there will be a staggering turn in world events! A giant Asian superpower, with a modernized Russia and China at the helm, will dramatically affect the course of history. This emerging power bloc—a conglomerate of peoples which comprise over half of the world’s population—will be deeply involved in the tumultuous tide of events that will lead to the conclusion of mankind’s 6,000 years of self-rule!
Russia and China in Prophecy

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