Exposing the Biden Crime Family: Money Laundering, Prostitutes, Cocaine and Treason

STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons

Exposing the Biden Crime Family: Money Laundering, Prostitutes, Cocaine and Treason

God is exposing corrupt leaders so the American people have an opportunity to repent before worse curses come.

It’s time to face the truth. America, the nation founded as an experiment in human liberty, is now a corrupt oligarchy ruled by mafia dons. That is the key finding of a new House Oversight Committee investigation about the Biden crime family. On July 19, Special Agent Joseph Ziegler appeared before the House Oversight Committee, alongside his Internal Revenue Service (irs) supervisor Gary Shapley. They testified that Hunter Biden “should have been charged with a tax felony, and not only the tax misdemeanor charge.” Ziegler also revealed that text messages reviewed by investigators indicated that Joe Biden may have been involved with his son’s business dealings.

This is just the latest in a string of revelations about Biden corruption. Yet the Bidens, those around them, the regime propping them up and even journalists have consistently covered up these incriminating details, and many others. Ziegler divulged that the irs was prevented from following leads about Joe Biden and that the Department of Justice went against its own rules by not charging Hunter with a felony. The task of the Department of Justice is no longer to pursue justice: It is to protect the Biden crime family and prosecute Donald Trump and those involved in the “Make America Great Again” movement.

This is an astounding extent for such corruption to spread. But this is only the tip of the tainted iceberg. Ziegler told the House Oversight Committee that Hunter’s solicitation of bribes has enriched the Biden family and their business associates by more than $17 million. The funds were laundered through various Biden family-linked corporations between 2014 and 2019, including some $7.3 million from the corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings Ltd.

What were the Biden’s doing with all this money? The fact that cocaine has been found in the West Wing of the White House gives us some indication of the expenditures. Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contains many graphic sexual photos involving prostitutes and drugs. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confirmed that Hunter not only illegally paid prostitutes but did so through his law firm, Owasco PC, and trafficked prostitutes across state lines in violation of the Mann Act. Other crimes have been documented from the contents of that laptop, which are now even available to the public, yet the prosecutors with authority to investigate these crimes have never charged Hunter Biden with anything more than a reduced firearm felony and two tax misdemeanors.

It is like Rep. Lauren Boebert said after the Secret Service prematurely closed its investigation into how cocaine got into the White House: “[E]verything in this administration is about covering up for the Biden crime family.”

The research group Marco Polo has compiled a 630-page analysis of the Hunter Biden laptop, chronicling 191 sex offenses, 128 drug offenses and 140 business crimes. Despite these revelations, the mainstream media is trying to distract viewers with reports about Donald Trump as a rapist. Think about that for a moment. The American judicial system will contort itself to convict Donald Trump for allegedly making out with a woman in a shopping mall nearly 30 years ago, and it will contort itself to avoid convicting someone named Biden who has recorded and abandoned abundant evidence of himself procuring the sexual services of women from prostitution rings (some linked to Russia) and pressured staffers into having sex with him. Such reports show America’s two-tier system of justice is really just one tier: “Get Trump.”

America’s founders believed that the rule of law was the first principle of a free and just government. That is why Samuel Adams wrote, “There shall be one rule of justice for the rich and the poor; for the favorite in court, and the countryman at the plow.” Freedom can only exist when the government governs people according to set legal principles, not according to the financial and legal self-interests of those in power.

Leaders at the Department of Justice and its Federal Bureau of Investigation are covering up Hunter Biden’s sordid crimes while trying to frame Trump for imaginary ones. The nation no longer has one standard for the “favorite in court” and “the countryman at the plow.” Instead, the nation’s liberal elite operate with impunity while conservatives and most everyday Americans are bullied into submission.

God sees these corrupt rulers, and He is exposing them. This is an opportunity for the American people to see what they have allowed their nation to become and to repent—before worse curses come.

The Hunter Biden laptop, the House Oversight Committee report and the irs investigation are just the beginning. God promises in 2 Kings 14:26-28 and Amos 7:8 that He will save America through an end-time type of King Jeroboam ii so people have a chance to turn back to Him the easier way. For more information, read “The Perverted Ruling Class.”