Riots in Paris After Police Kill Algerian Offender

Riots erupted in France on Tuesday after a police officer shot and killed 17-year-old French-Algerian Nael M. The unlicensed teen started to drive away after being pulled over for several traffic offenses.

Video footage circulating on social media shows two officers standing beside the rental car. One of them threatened to shoot the driver in the head. The driver began to pull away, and the officer opened fire. The yellow Mercedes then crashed into a nearby post.

Police claimed that the driver tried to hit them with his car and threatened to run them over. The video appears to contradict this.

The officer who fired the weapon was detained, according to the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, and an investigation was opened into suspicion of manslaughter.

A second investigation is being carried out into the driver’s failure to stop and attempts to injure or kill a person in a position of public authority.

Incidents of police shootings at vehicles have risen since 2017, when France passed a law that allowed officers to shoot at fleeing suspects, detainees and vehicles that pose a deadly threat.

Violence erupts: Riots ensued outside the police station in Nanterre, a suburb in Paris, and then spread to neighboring areas.

Buildings and cars were set on fire. Mobs shot at police with fireworks, which was met with tear gas and rubber bullets. Thirty-one people have been arrested as of Wednesday morning, and around 2,000 officers have been mobilized in the area.

Immigration—the unspoken cause: The shooting and riots occurred in an area with a dense immigrant population, a fact ignored by most major media outlets.

French newsmagazine Causeur asked if the same “outraged remarks on the far left against the state” would have still taken place had the shooting “not occurred in the Parisian suburbs with a large immigrant population integrated, or if the victim was called Jean-Baptiste or Didier.”

Hatred for workers of the French state, fueled by the belief that the entire system is racist, has skyrocketed the past few years with the influx of immigrants.

Retired police chief Didier Lallement wrote last year in his book:

One out of every two crimes is committed by a foreigner, who are often in the country illegally. … It is clear that some of the newcomers are integrating through delinquency.

Fatal police shootings in the past two years show the majority of victims were black or Arabic, according to a Reuters tally. Many use this as proof of racism. Is it? Or is it that these populations are the ones committing the most crimes?

A coming clash: Europe’s surge in immigration has led to a surge in violence. These growing tensions are a sign of an even bigger confrontation on the horizon. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in his article “The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time!”:

A trend is unfolding in Europe that you should keep a close watch on. Europeans have been besieged by immigrants from the Middle East, growing Muslim populations within their midst, cityscapes filling with mosques and minarets, portions of their cities turning into Muslim enclaves that local police dare not enter, even Islamic terrorist attacks. And more and more Europeans are looking for solutions in their own history. Specifically, their religious history.

This growing tension will lead to a collision between Europe and the Islamic world. To prove this, request our free book The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy.