The UN’s Latest Outrageous Appointments

North Korea and Iran: the comical new leaders for public health, disarmament and international security.

United Nations elections last week resulted in two farcical appointments: North Korea was elected to the World Health Organization, and Iran was elected to the Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

North Korea—leader of public health? The World Health Assembly, an annual gathering of World Health Organization member states, was held in Switzerland this year from May 21 to May 30.

Emerging from the convention with a leading role in the organization was North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea will be on the board for at least the next three years.

What this means is that one of the world’s most horrific regimes is now a part of a group that sets and enforces the standards and norms for the global governance of health care.
Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch

The UN estimates that 42 percent of North Koreans were malnourished between 2019 and 2021. If a nation can’t feed its own people, should it help spearhead international health efforts?

Iran—champion of peace and security? A few days later, a June 1 election appointed the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN General Assembly’s Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

The UN charter outlines the organization’s purpose and goals, such as maintaining international peace and security, building friendly relations between nations on the basis of equality, and promoting human rights. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in international relations to see that Iran does not align with those values.

UN appointments—incompetency or sabotage? These recent appointments are like hiring a pyromaniac as head of the fire department. It’s not that they are bad at putting out fires, but they’re notorious for starting them.

The UN has repeatedly given positions to the most outrageous countries possible. The nations that are least qualified for a role have the most incentive to pursue it—in order to change appearances. They gain a role where they have the most sway to ensure as little as possible gets done while projecting a facade of humanitarianism.

The way to peace? The UN was established in the aftermath of World War ii in an effort to establish peace. Like all of mankind’s other attempts, it will not have lasting success. The corruption in these recent appointments highlights that fact.

There is a way to lasting peace—but it will not come about by mankind’s institutions. To learn how to have peace in your own life now and how the whole world will eventually have peace, request our free booklet Ambassador for World Peace.