China Threatens to Attack ‘Without Hesitation’ Any Nation Trying to Separate It From Taiwan

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu said on June 4 that China would attack “without any hesitation” any nation that attempted to split it from Taiwan. Li made the comments in a speech on “China’s New Security Initiative” at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

Tensions with the U.S.: “We are strongly opposed to imposing one’s own will on others, placing one’s own interests above those of others, and pursuing one’s own security at the expense of others,” Li said. He then added that “some country” had interfered in the internal affairs of other nations and “frequently resorted to unilateral sanctions and coercion with force.”

He was referring to the United States, whose support has long kept Taiwan free and prevented China’s will from being unilaterally imposed on it. Later in his speech, Li stressed that Taiwan is “China’s Taiwan,” and he condemned any form of foreign interference in the Taiwan Strait.

If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will resolutely safeguard China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity without any hesitation, at all cost, and not fearing any opponent.
—Li Shangfu

Incident after incident: Just a day before Li’s comments, a Chinese warship nearly hit an American destroyer that was transiting the disputed Taiwan Strait. A week earlier, a similar provocation occurred when a Chinese fighter jet intercepted a U.S. spy plane over the South China Sea. In both cases, China accused the U.S. of causing the incidents.

The Trumpet says: Taiwan has been independent since 1949, but China considers the self-ruled island to be part of its own territory. It is willing to force Taiwan under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. Efforts from the U.S. to protect the island are weakening as China becomes increasingly aggressive toward Taiwan.

How could anyone fail to see that Taiwan is destined to become a part of mainland China? These 21 million people [now 23.6 million] are going to be forced into the Chinese mold; and it is going to happen for one reason: because of a pitifully weak-willed America.
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief, “Taiwan Betrayal