Xi Jinping Tells China to Prepare for ‘Worst Case’ Scenarios

Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping told his top national security officials on May 29 to think about “worst case” scenarios and prepare for “stormy seas.” During the Communist Party’s National Security Commission meeting, he said the complexity and difficulty of China’s national security issues have increased significantly.

We must adhere to bottom-line thinking and worst-case-scenario thinking and get ready to undergo the major tests of high winds and rough waves and even perilous, stormy seas.
—Xi Jinping

To prepare for the “complex and grave” situation, Xi said China must speed up the modernization of its national security system and capabilities, with a focus on making them more effective in “actual combat and practical use.”

Under Xi’s rule, China has introduced legislation to protect itself against perceived threats, including laws on counterterrorism, counterespionage, cybersecurity, national intelligence and data security.

Threats from the United States: Xi’s instructions come as China faces a struggling economy and increasing pushback against its predatory trade practices, especially from the United States. The U.S. has sanctioned a number of Chinese tech companies, while Xi has directly blamed the U.S. for leading the “Western suppression” of China. As the rivalry between the two nations intensifies, both nations have increased their national security efforts.

China on the war path: China preparing for “worst case” scenarios implies that war is imminent. Bible prophecy shows that China will grow increasingly dominant and become one of the leading nations in an alliance of “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12).

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