Russia Says It Repelled Two Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Sevastopol

Russia said it repelled two Ukrainian drone attacks on occupied Sevastopol, Crimea, on the morning of April 24. Sevastopol’s Russia-appointed governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, said neither drone penetrated the city’s harbor, and no major damage or casualties occurred.

Today, starting at 3:30 in the morning, there was an attempt to attack Sevastopol. The situation now is as follows: One surface drone was destroyed by anti-subversion forces and the other one exploded on approach. Everything happened in an outer harbor, no objects were damaged. Now it’s quiet in the city. But all the forces and agencies remain on alert.
—Mikhail Razvozhaev

Bracing for attack: The port city of Sevastopol is Russia’s main hub for its Black Sea Fleet. After a Ukrainian drone attack damaged some of Russia’s ships there back in October 2022, Russia began fortifying the harbor’s defenses.

  • By November, extra boom defenses were added to the harbor’s entrance and within the port.
  • In March, after another successful Ukrainian drone attack, two layers of floating nets were added outside the harbor and six large pontoon barges were anchored to its entrance.
  • The harbor now has a total of six layers of physical barriers.

Russian ships have been patrolling more often near the Kerch Strait these past weeks. On the ground, they’ve been setting up a large amount of trenches around key locations. Air wise, they are becoming more aggressive regarding nato intelligence missions.
—Benjamin Pittet, defense analyst

Protect nato: The United States and Europe have cautioned Ukraine against directly attacking inside Russia. Ukraine is heavily supplied by the U.S. and other nato countries. If Ukraine attacked Russia with nato weaponry, it could give nations like China “an opportunity to cast nato as the aggressor.”

The U.S. fears that an attack by Ukraine could give China reason to believe that “Washington was directly responsible for escalating the conflict.” If this were to happen, China could respond by increasing its support for Russia and potentially even send lethal aid.

In light of this, it is significant that Ukraine has not formally claimed responsibility for the April 24 drone attacks.

‘War-weary’: The U.S. and Europe do not want direct war with Russia, fearing it would escalate, potentially leading to nuclear war. This is why nato is so apprehensive about becoming involved in the Ukraine War. However, it is nearly impossible to ignore Russia’s unforgiving aggression and still maintain peace.

Russia shows no signs of letting up, but America’s resolve to support Ukraine appears limited. In the May-June issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet, editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained that America’s will is already broken: No matter how the war plays out, U.S. aid will not be the decisive factor in a Ukrainian victory.

After all these costly and protracted failures, Americans are deeply war-weary. … Prophecy gives no indication that America will succeed in toppling Russia’s dictator or downgrading Russia’s power to any significant degree. This may not necessarily guarantee that Russia will win, since European and Ukrainian power could drive the Russians out. Some analysts now believe this could be a long war—even lasting years. We may still be in its early stages.
—Gerald Flurry, “The Ukraine War Will Not Start World War III!