Chinese Minister Praises Putin for ‘Promoting World Peace’

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin for “promoting world peace” during an April 16 meeting with Putin and the Russian defense minister.

President Putin, you are an extraordinary leader deeply loved by the Russian people, with important contribution to world peace. You’ve made Russia great again. I hereby express my deepest admiration.
—Li Shangfu

Li’s visit to Russia marks the first by a Chinese defense minister since the Ukraine War began. Since the invasion in February 2022, China has been Russia’s number one supporter. Li continued to say that China was willing to “further strengthen strategic communication between the two militaries,” according to state broadcaster China Central Television.

Promoting peace? Li’s comments show the stark contrast between Beijing’s approach to Putin and that of the West. While China continually praises Putin and strives to strengthen its ties with Russia, the U.S. and its allies have strongly condemned and sanctioned Russia over its war on Ukraine that has killed tens of thousands. Putin is wanted by the International Criminal Court for allegedly deporting Ukrainian children to Russia. He is the last person any clear-eyed observer would consider as promoting world peace.

In a meeting between the leaders of the two nations in March, Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping told Putin that “China highly values the relationship with Russia.” In that meeting, China tried to cast itself as a peacemaker in the war by unveiling a vague 12-point peace proposal. Putin ironically welcomed the plan as “a basis for peaceful settlement” but continued to attack Ukraine. Clearly, China and Russia are far more concerned with maintaining a strong relationship than promoting world peace.

Prophesied partners: The Bible prophesies of an alliance between Russia and China that will do the exact opposite of promoting world peace. Revelation 16:12 speaks of a multinational Asian alliance referred to as “the kings of the east.” Within this alliance, these two Asian giants are going to lead the way in forming an army of 200 million men (Revelation 9:16) that will fight in a third world war. To learn more, order our free booklet Russia and China in Prophecy.