Washington Bill to Hide Trans Children From Parents

Washington Bill to Hide Trans Children From Parents

On April 12, the Washington State House passed a bill that allows the state to house transgender minors without notifying their parents. Currently, organizations who house runaway minors are required to inform the legal guardians within 24 to 72 hours of the youth’s location. Under Senate Bill 5599, the parents would not need to be contacted.

Essentially what the bill would do would be if a child left a parents’ home for certain medical care and went to a shelter or host family, that shelter or host family would not be required to notify the parents of their child’s whereabouts.
—Chris Corry, Washingon state representative

Medical intervention: The bill stipulates “compelling reasons” for withholding the child’s whereabouts from parents.

One of these is if a child is “seeking protected health services.” This includes “gender-affirming care,” a blanket term that covers anything a doctor prescribes to “treat” gender-dysphoria. If the doctor decides a child needs hormone blockers, a double mastectomy or an irreversible sex-change, the child can undergo that operation. Not only are the parents unable to intervene, they many not even know it is happening.

Changing definitions of ‘abuse’: Another “compelling reason” listed by the bill to hide trans teens from their parents is if “circumstances” indicate the teen will be subject to “abuse or neglect” should he or she returned home. This “abuse” includes parents not accepting the child’s claim to be the opposite gender. If parents do not affirm their child’s desire to mutilate his or her body, it is the parents who are abusive.

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber made the point that there doesn’t need to be any evidence of this kind of “abuse” except for the teen telling the state that his parents don’t accept his “transgender identity.”

You are saying that the state of Washington … can take this child and not contact the parents, with no signs of abuse, with no pending case of abuse, and the foster system [is] not involved. That is shocking.
—Jacquelin Maycumber

The current laws in Washington state that protect minors from abusive parents require compelling reasons for removing children from their homes. As Representative Corry brings out, “even in those cases, the parents still have a right to know where their kids are after they’ve been removed.” A parent accused of physical abuse has more rights to knowledge of his child’s whereabouts than a parent accused of not affirming what the child wants, even when what the child wants is to undergo irreversible medical procedures.

State-sponsored kidnapping: Opponents of the bill stated, “A parent’s job is to protect their child; this bill strips parents of that ability. … This bill legalizes the kidnapping of children, allows for the harboring of minors, and segregates us from the union.” This bill makes it so that the government has more right to a child than the parent does.

Corresponding Colorado legislation: Washington isn’t the only state passing dangerous transgender legislation. Colorado will become the first state to treat trans minors from other states where “gender-affirming care” is illegal. The new law means that health-care centers cannot be sued by other states for providing medications and surgeries to youths from those states.

Learn more: The passing of these laws are more lost battles in the war for your child’s mind. Far more dangerous than any physical combat, this is ideological warfare. To learn how to protect your family from this onslaught of indoctrination, request a free copy of Child Rearing With Vision and read “Transgenderism and the Pursuit of Happiness.”