Benjamin Netanyahu Is Under Attack by America

A protester holds a sign outside New York’s Israeli Consulate to rally against Prime Minister Netanyahu on March 27 in New York City.
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Benjamin Netanyahu Is Under Attack by America

Israel’s prime minister suffered a crushing defeat. But he will get help.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was defeated and humiliated by the woke mob. He was fighting for Israeli democracy against an out-of-control Supreme Court, and he lost.

At its heart, this is the same fight Donald Trump is now engaged in, in New York, and that is being waged against Brexit in the United Kingdom. It’s a fight led by a liberal elite who believe they know better than voters and who hate the values that used to be foundational for the United States, UK and the Jewish state in the Middle East.

The media narrative is that Mr. Netanyahu is breaking the power of Israel’s Supreme Court to set himself up as a dictator. It’s not true.

In the early 1990s, Israel’s Supreme Court dramatically expanded its authority. Robert Bork, who narrowly missed becoming a U.S. Supreme Court judge, described the result:

Israel has set a standard for judicial imperialism that can probably never be surpassed and, one devoutly hopes, will never be equaled elsewhere. The sad irony is that the Supreme Court, operating with a basic law that specifies Israel’s values are both Jewish and democratic, is gradually producing an Israel that is neither Jewish nor democratic.

“The court routinely employs double standards by favoring left-wing over right-wing projects or the rights of Arabs over Israeli Jews,” wrote journalist Melanie Phillips. “People say there’s no longer any point in voting since the judges run the country.”

Benjamin Netanyahu was elected on a platform to fix this and turn the country back to the way it was in the early 1990s. This would give the Supreme Court a similar role as the supreme courts in the U.S., UK and Canada. Then the mob exploded.

The news media unleashed blanket coverage that democracy was under threat and that Netanyahu was about to set himself up as a dictator. Protesters took to the streets. Videos of the chaos went around the world. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said that if the reforms passed, people must refuse to obey government orders—because Israel would be a “de facto dictatorship.” Then Israeli military reservists took the unprecedented stance of refusing to report for duty, threatening Israel’s security. Netanyahu climbed down, announcing on March 27 that he would delay his legislation.

He was defeated. And at the heart of that defeat were not just protesters in Israel but Barack Obama and the radical left in the U.S.

America’s Attack

The Biden administration—really Obama’s third term—crossed several red lines in its opposition to Netanyahu. It interfered in the internal affairs of an ally in a way we’ve never seen before, unless perhaps in Britain’s Brexit vote.

It began with America’s ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, involving himself directly in the controversy. When challenged, he replied, “I really think that most Israelis do not want America to stay out of their business.”

He warned Israelis in a January 23 interview with the Jerusalem Post that America’s support for Israel is based on “democracy” and “shared values.” “We use those shared values to defend Israel at places like the United Nations,” he said, emphasizing: “It is very important for everyone to understand” how important these “shared values” are.

The threat was clear. If Netanyahu kept pushing these reforms, America would punish him by refusing to support Israel on the international scene.

One month later, the U.S. followed through on that threat. The U.S. allowed the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israel’s plan to expand its settlement in disputed territories. It was the first time the U.S. had allowed a UN condemnation since the final days of Barack Obama’s term in office.

For Obama, refusing to defend Israel at the UN was such a momentous step that he didn’t dare take it until after the last elections of his time in office—when voters could no longer punish him for it. It was the first time a resolution critical of Israeli settlements had passed in nearly 40 years. Today, the Democrat machine has been so successful in demonizing Netanyahu, the vote was hardly controversial.

Joe Biden himself has gotten directly involved in Israel’s politics. On February 18, he told Netanyahu to “pump the brakes” on the reform.

In the days leading up to his climbdown, Netanyahu’s government “was bombarded by warnings from the Biden administration that he was imperiling Israel’s reputation as the true democracy at the heart of the Middle East,” the New York Times wrote in “Inside the U.S. Pressure Campaign Over Israel’s Judicial Overhaul.”

Once Netanyahu announced that he would pause the reforms, Biden told him to “walk away” from them entirely. “They cannot continue down this road,” he said.

This is not just rhetoric. Typically Israeli prime ministers are invited to Washington within months of taking office. Netanyahu has not been, and Biden indicated no invitation would come “in the near term.” The implication was that no invite would arrive unless Netanyahu permanently scraps his reforms.

In his message, Biden “sounded like a colonial administrator barking at the natives to fall into line,” wrote Melanie Phillips.

On March 30, the State Department ordered nasa scientist Dr. Amber Straughn not to go to the Israel Physical Society’s annual meeting. The U.S. administration has also been slow to make any programs on agreeing to a visa waiver program, making it easier for Israeli tourists to travel to the U.S.

Behind the scenes, the radical left is even more involved.

Washington’s Blueprint

Journalist Lee Smith wrote that all the different facets of the anti-Netanyahu protests were taking place according to a single blueprint. “This blueprint is designed in Washington, D.C.,” he wrote. This is “evidence that Bibi is in Washington’s cross hairs, for regime change has come to Israel.”

During the so-called Arab Spring, “democracy promotion became cover for an arsenal of techniques deployed by U.S. intelligence services and ngos [non-governmental organizations] to undermine governments that the White House, the State Department and the cia didn’t like,” wrote Smith. “Perhaps most famously, the Barack Obama administration’s pro-democracy campaign helped push out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in favor of a government run by the Muslim Brotherhood, hardly an exemplary force for universal human rights.”

According to Smith, “A similar operation is now underway in Israel.”

It’s not just the Arab Spring that they’re copying. “The anti-Bibi coup looks and feels like the anti-Trump operation because it’s run by the same people—the Obama operatives who hunted Trump and now run the Biden White House,” wrote Smith. “It was Obama’s spy chiefs who fabricated Russiagate, the politically funded smear campaign designed to destabilize the Trump presidency. And it’s Obama’s State Department that created the machinery to take down Netanyahu nearly a decade ago by funding anti-Bibi election campaigns with U.S. taxpayer dollars.” He continued:

Obama’s button men have made the “Get Bibi” machinery a permanent part of the Israeli political landscape: It’s how they dress their never-ending Iran deal campaigns in the garb of domestic Israeli politics. After Obama’s second term ended, his ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, stayed in country to service the anti-Bibi infrastructure while warning Israelis that no matter how good Trump was for Israel—crashing the nuclear deal, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, etc—they better not get too close to the Republican president, for there would be a price to pay once the Democrats returned to power. And now they have.

One leading organization for the protests was the far-left Movement for Quality Government. Most of its money is private. The only donors it has to disclose are foreign governments. For the past few years, it has received a relatively small amount of money from the U.S. State Department.

These tens of thousands of dollars don’t make a huge difference materially. The funds have gone toward teaching an Israeli equivalent of critical race theory, rather than to the protests. They’re far more powerful as a signal that America stands behind the protests.

When Biden officials travel to the area, they now meet with “members of the Israeli and Palestinian civil societies”—exactly the kind of groups organizing the protests.

But America’s radical left has plenty of money without the U.S. government’s help. Just look at the money from private groups, like Facebook, that went into swaying the 2020 presidential election.

One major source of money has been the New Israel Fund. It, in turn, lists Open Society Foundations, George Soros’s group, as one of its biggest funders. Money is clearly pouring into the anti-Netanyahu protests from Obama’s wealthy friends.

Groups like the New Israel Fund have cozy links with the media. They sponsored a conference in 2015 with the Haaretz newspaper, for example. Obama opened the conference with a message that has now been removed from YouTube.

This is more than anti-Netanyahu polices from the Biden administration—they are anti-Israel. Some of their attacks took place even before Netanyahu took office. The fbi began investigating the Israel Defense Forces over the death of an Al Jazeera journalist on May 11, 2022. At the time, Israel’s left-wing government was very opposed to Netanyahu. Even it called the investigation a “serious mistake,” issued a “strong protest” against it, and refused to cooperate.

A Global Fight

Melanie Phillips has some excellent insight when she notes that the fight against Donald Trump in America, Brexit in Britain, and judicial reform in Israel are different fronts in the same war.

All three are about an elite class that believes they know better than ordinary voters and should, therefore, control the destiny of their country, regardless of the outcome of elections. That means obstructing Trump, reversing Brexit, and relying on Israel’s Supreme Court to stop Netanyahu. “This mindset now unites most of the progressive classes in Israel, Britain and America,” she wrote. “For them, ordinary people who don’t share their views are the ‘deplorables.’ By contrast the judges—educated, liberal, cosmopolitan—are people like themselves.”

These elites face a common enemy. Ms. Phillips traces the traditional values under attack in all three of these countries back to the Bible and King David:

In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes highlighted Judaism’s doctrine of public consent, as did the framers of what became Britain’s constitutional monarchy in the 18th century. The Davidic monarchy became the template for the British crown.

In America, the Hebrew Bible is a conspicuous element of its foundational institutions and laws. The Liberty Bell that sits in Independence Hall in Philadelphia is engraved with an inscription from Leviticus: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

The spiritual reality behind this fight makes the connection between these three even clearer.

If it is biblical values that are under attack, then it’s worth looking to the Bible to understand a deeper, spiritual connection.

Herbert W. Armstrong explained the connection between Israel in the Middle East and Britain and America in his most widely requested book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. All three are descended from the biblical tribes of Israel.

God is working with Israel on a plan that will benefit the whole world. The Bible also reveals the existence of a devil who hates that plan. In America Under Attack, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry shows how Satan is using Barack Obama and the radical left to bring down these three countries.

The attack from America’s left on Israel in the Middle East comes from Satan’s hatred for the Jews.

“The Obama administration demonstrated in many ways that it dislikes the Jews,” writes Mr. Flurry. “Israeli leaders recognized this. They must have asked why that administration harbored such antipathy for them. They don’t understand—and even the people who have that bitter feeling toward them often don’t understand why their own hatred is so deep.”

The Bible also reveals that God would use one man to stop this attack. The book of Amos is a prophetic book, with forecasts that didn’t happen in Amos’s day. Instead, they’re for this end time.

The book has a lot to say about Jeroboam ii, meaning that his ancient reign is a type of a modern ruler. In America Under Attack, Mr. Flurry explains how this is a type of U.S. President Donald Trump. The Bible prophesies that God will temporarily revive America through Donald Trump.

2 Kings 14 describes the reign of the ancient Jeroboam and tells us about this modern prophetic type. Verse 28 states: “Now the rest of the acts of Jeroboam, and all that he did, and his might, how he warred, and how he recovered Damascus, and Hamath, which belonged to Judah, for Israel, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel?”

He had to fight to recover something—and in the process he also helped defend Judah.

In his September 2022 article “Britain’s and Judah’s Governments Fall—America Next?”, Mr. Flurry wrote: “This verse shows that the end-time Jeroboam has to wage war to recover something. … As I write in my new book America Under Attack, putting this together with other prophecies reveals that it is a stolen presidency that he will recover.”

That fight is going on right now. Donald Trump will win that fight—and this will be a great help to Israel in the Middle East. Mr. Flurry wrote:

2 Kings 14:28 states that Jeroboam recovered Damascus and Hamath. The Soncino commentary states that Damascus was once ruled by King David, and that the king of Hamath paid tribute to David and became part of his son Solomon’s kingdom (2 Samuel 8:9-10; 1 Kings 8:65). So the indication is that Jeroboam reclaimed something to help Judah, the Jewish nation.

This verse ties the politics of the U.S. and Judah together.

“Netanyahu is waving the white flag on judicial reform—and everyone knows it,” wrote Jonathan Tobin, editor in chief of Jewish News Syndicate. “And since the ultimate goal of the protests was not just preventing legislation from being passed but to topple the government, it’s far from clear whether the prime minister can long stay in power after this humiliation since his allies are shaken and his opponents won’t be satisfied until he’s ejected from office.”

Will the radical left defeat Mr. Netanyahu? Last autumn, Mr. Flurry wrote:

When Barack Obama was president, he was terribly unmerciful to the Jewish nation of Israel. But in President Trump’s first term, he saved the Jewish nation of Israel (biblical Judah) from much of Obama’s tyranny. He supported Israel in many ways, including scrapping the Iran deal, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and helping Israel sign the “Abraham Accords” with Arab nations in the region. Joe Biden has taken America back to the terrorist-supporting policies of Barack Obama.

Palestinian terrorist attacks have become a lot worse since the start of 2023—and the Biden administration has repeatedly taken the side of the terrorists! Mr. Flurry continued:

There is also a connection here to God’s work. Isaiah 40:9 shows that God’s Church in this end time has a message that must be delivered to “the cities of Judah”: “Behold your God!” As Hosea 5 confirms, we have a message that must go out in America, Judah and the United Kingdom. A worsening security situation in Judah could severely hamper our ability to deliver that message.

It appears Mr. Trump may have to recover some of Judah’s freedom for God’s work to even be able to deliver God’s message to the cities of Judah.

Things are not looking good in Judah right now. Netanyahu is on the ropes. Violence is breaking out on the Temple Mount—and Israel does not have America’s support. Iran has uranium almost pure enough to use in a nuclear bomb, and the Biden administration is trying to put together a new nuclear deal.

2 Kings 14 says that it will turn around—and that God will use Donald Trump to do it. He will fight to recover his presidency and in the process restore Judah.

That’s a very specific forecast. Watch what happens in Israel. God spells this out for us in great detail because He doesn’t want us looking to Donald Trump. Instead, look to the God who forecast it all in advance and prophesied it in great detail.

To learn more about these prophecies, read Mr. Flurry’s article “Britain’s and Judah’s Governments Fall—America Next?