Most Germans Want to Increase Defense Spending

A poll published by public broadcaster zdf on March 3 revealed that 62 percent of Germans want to increase military spending—even if it meant cutting spending elsewhere or taking on debt. Thirty-two percent were against the idea, while 6 percent were undecided. Only 26 percent said they were willing to give up a bank holiday.

The majority supported extra spending beyond the €100 billion (us$106.6 billion) defense-spending boost announced last year. They also said they would support it even if it meant cuts to social spending or extra borrowing.

European and German defense spending has to go up. … We have to have the capabilities to support Ukraine, but also to build up our own defense.
—Christoph Heusgen, chair of the Munich Security Conference

For decades Germany has cut its defense spending to enable high social spending. Now, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germans’ attitudes are changing. The Trumpet watches Germany’s militarization closely. To learn more, read “Ukraine Is Hastening a New Germany.”