“Silk Road” Trade Opens

From the September 2006 Trumpet Print Edition

The world’s two most populous countries—once at war, and even at odds over where the borders between them lay—are drawing closer. In the ongoing improvement of relations between China and India, a new development has arisen: A new trade route has been opened between the two countries which had been closed for nearly half a century.

“The Himalayan pass of Nathu La … was once part of the ancient Silk Road and saw clashes between the sides in the 1960s. The opening ceremony took place at the windswept border between the Indian state of Sikkim and Tibet. Nathu La opened just a few days after the first train service was launched from eastern China to Tibet. The pass was given a festive look with Chinese and Indian flags fluttering and military bands playing” (bbc, July 6).

This will not only improve the regional economy but also will help a more substantial relationship to blossom between the two giants of the Orient: “‘This … is more significant for Indian diplomacy, not for trade,’ says Jayantanuja Bandopadhyay, professor of international relations in Calcutta’s Jadavpur University. Sikkim is a former Buddhist kingdom that merged with India in 1975, a move that was opposed by China, which lay claim to the state. ‘By allowing trade through Nathu La, China has accepted Sikkim as part of India that it refused to do earlier’….”

The Trumpet has long forecast that relations between China and its neighbors will improve. Bible prophecy reveals that Asia will align both politically and militarily, forming the most numerous army in history—an astounding 200 million soldiers (Revelation 9:16). With over a billion residents each, India and China could contribute heartily to this largest army ever.

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