China to Receive 15,000 Drones From Iran

Last week, the adviser to Iran’s minister of intelligence revealed that China is currently awaiting a delivery of 15,000 Iranian drones. “Our power has grown to levels where China is waiting in line to buy 15,000 of our drones,” the official said at a ceremony at Qazvin International University.

This adviser, whose name was not disclosed in reports, praised Iran’s “look to the East” policy, which has been more strongly implemented since President Ebrahim Raisi was elected in June 2021. This ideology promotes growing ties with China and Russia as a means of dismantling Western leadership.

It was on full display in March 2021, when Iran and China signed a 25-year strategic agreement that outlined their relations in economic matters such as oil, mining, industry, transportation and agriculture. Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping previously referred to Iran as “China’s main partner in the Middle East.”

In addition to this pending shipment of drones, Raisi is currently on a three-day trip to Beijing, signing 20 documents of cooperation in various fields. This is the first state visit to China by an Iranian president in 20 years.

This growing affiliation has worked well for Iran to amass power as it strives to catch up to its Western adversaries—the buying and selling of weapons and technology strengthens both its military and economy.

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